going north


The drive from Phoenix to SLC is really beautiful.
It is also very long, but we left early (4:30 am) so we were able to cruise through the boring desert.


First things first: Burgers Supreme, a visit to Am, a stop by my old stomping grounds of the The Flower Basket (where I happened to catch Bonnie before she completely closed up the old building),


and an evening with the Utah Gardiners (yes, that is a gun in my daughters' pants).


The girls were so excited to see their cousins.
I'm not sure that we talked to Blondes for the few days we were there.
She was in heaven.
So was I.

We went swimming, played games, ate lots of good food, went shopping, the guys went shooting, we visited Wheeler Farm, and we all stayed up way past our bed times sharing way too many embarrassing stories.

I love my family.


11 of 18 grand-kids at the farm.


Photobucket Photobucket

gotta love the farm.


30 Easy Days

Day 22: Icee for the road

Day 23: Party with Utah Gardiners. Yeah-ya!

Day 24: Shooting with the guys

Day 25: I study for my test on the ride home (yes, this is what he really wanted)

Day 26: I give up on 30 Easy Days for the day.


the crew said...

It was so, so fun to see you guys! wish we lived closer- can't wait to see you again.

Rachel said...

oh, i miss burgers supreme soo much. but, its a dangerous place.

Jord said...

Glad you had a fun trip. I love that you didn't talk to your big girl the whole time. I'm sure she loved every second of cousin fun.

Shelly Hyde said...

gotta love a good trip to Utah.

the wife said...

cool to see family. happy youre home safe.

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