i'm horrible at keeping secrets.

especially ones that involve the element of surprise. i always tell. no gift remains a secret, no surprise goes untold.

...until this weekend.

when day 17 rolled around.

5pm: Easy comes home from work to an empty house.

5:06: I roll up, honk, and yell for him to hop in.


5:07-5:30: Easy goes mad trying to figure out what is going on, where the (older) girls are, and where we are off to, while I simply mess with him.

5:30: We roll up to the Mesa Marriott, where I jump out and check us in.


6pm: We wait to be seated at Tia Rosa's (best mexican food in Phoenix area). I think of just eating Little Roo that has tagged along - she is soooo tasty.


6:30: We eat way too much chips and salsa, drink Sangria, down some seafood tacos, and inhale a beef burro.

7:30: Shopping - I score a shirt and a new skirt while E scores nothing. I love his birthday!


8:15: We discover awkward teens at a venue sitting in silence all night long playing video games on fancy screens next to each other - strange. Apparently they also have a Monster energy drink bar - also weird since they are all just sitting there - staring at screens.


8:30: We watch Alice and are disappointed. I wanted it to be creepy-er, zany-er, and actually have a plot. And boy does Anne Hathaway bug.


11pm: We hit the sack and sleep in together for the first time in months - and enjoy our Roo for a few more peaceful hours before we pick up our monkeys.

30 Easy Days

Day 18: a memory book that contains stories from his closest friends and family


Candy said...

you are awesome! i need to be a better wife...thanks for inspiring me!

Amber said...

dang you're good!

the wife said...

agreed (with candy.)

the wife said...

oh, btw. what's up with your hair color? looks so pretty!

hays said...

it's been that long since i've seen you? dang. i did my hair like 2 months ago.

nicwoo said...


eric and monica said...

love the hair, too.

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