brown eyes


when i was little my grandpa hyde used to call me "brown eyes" and then he'd attack my cheeks with his whiskers. i hated it and i loved it. he'd say "where's that brown-eyed girl?" and i'd make a run for it.

i can't understand why this dominant gene hasn't been so dominant, then again my dad is blue-eyed so i guess it's my doing.

roo has had me guessing.


but i think its safe to say that there's a new "brown eyes" in town.

30 Easy Days


Day 8: Painted


ISBAM said...

I'm convinced brown is not as dominant as we're led to believe. I've got two blue-eyed girls. But the boy has brown eyes! Watch out, they melt you!

sheena said...

She's HUGE!! how!! so cute.

Lori said...

After seeing your painting I thought you might like this. http://www.dudecraft.com/2009/11/papercut-portraits-tutorial.html I am in the process of doing one for Mike. Caution... it takes forever.

Shelly Hyde said...

darling little ginger girl. Love those brown eyes. Haze still has us guessing. Love the painting

TheKeilShpeel said...

You painted that.? Is there anything you can't do?

moshell's lilbit of space said...

Roo is adorable....how do you keep from kissing her cheeks all day long? For that matter...any of your girls?

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