30 Easy Days

Days 13 & 14: (yes this counts as two) Wash and Iron all his work shirts

Day 15: Leave a voice mail first thing in the morning at his office


sheena said...

iron? wow.

banananutmeg said...

it should could for a a zillion days. Or at least one day for every shirt you ironed.
I love the 30 days of love idea...it's a nice reminder that we could all be a little nicer to our husbands.

That doesn't sound right... like I have more than one husband, or something.

Ironing for a 2nd husband would surely kill me if ironing for just one didn't.

Your idea is awesome.

hays said...

yes ironing is my achilles heel.

loathe it!

he knew what a gift this was and thanked my multiple times (i think it actually made him feel bad a little that i was going through chsu agony for him).

the wife said...

hate it too.

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