where did it go?


this week has escaped me.

tuesday we woke to a box of fresh citrus on our front porch. i spent the evening juicing it by hand. we had whole wheat pancakes for dinner.

wednesday was preschool, mom and tot art class, tumbling, and nursing class in the evening. i barely had time to breathe, but somehow managed to plant flowers and dig worms with my girls.

thursday i got my hair done. it's darker. and golden. we hung out with our twin family and spent time sewing dresses for the girls.

today i had peds lab all day. great news though - little roo took her bottle. i'm grateful for Easy who was very patient with her.

tomorrow is my last free saturday for a while - bummer.
we are going bowling - yay.

did i mention that i'm tired?


Karen and Joe said...

I'm glad that you said that you are tired, because that made me tired just reading it!! haha I'm always amazed at all that you do, you are amazing hays!! truly!

Vanessa said...

I'm tired just reading it too! I don't know how you do it, honestly! You are inspiring!

nicwoo said...

pssst. I want to be a RD. Now we might be in the same boat :)
AND who is taking art, and do both tumble?? neat!

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