take that target!

A few weeks ago I got an ad from Target in my mailbox. I fell in love
with the little mobile on it.


So I gathered some sticks, string, bought a box of paper flowers,
and spent an evening cutting and assembling birds.

$ = 2ish dollars
hot glue burns on my fingers = 6
little helpers = 2
# of happy babies with lovely birdies to look at = 1


The Brown Family said...

super cute!

Jord said...

Nice one! Yours is better than the original, for sure.

Jason and Courtney said...

Love it! I saw the ad and loved it and said the same thing.....I could make that! Looks great!

Christina Moreno- floresdelsol said...

so sweet... ;)

the wife said...

very cute

{Erica} said...

AWESOME! I ripped that page out and put it in my idea binder. So glad it was that easy to make...turned out fabulous!

nicwoo said...

yours is better. (of course)

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