no milk in the house


yesterday before church i was making the girls' lunch.

it was a mac and cheese day since we had no bread.

pureed squash.

milk. hmmm. what's this? no milk.

this late in the game i refused to just make something else.

i assessed my options.

make it without milk?
sour cream? would have worked - too bad it was expired.
any other cream?

wait...i don't need cream.

i'm lactating.

i. have. milk!

in goes the breastmilk.

and i have happy girls with their breastmilk mac and cheese.


you think that's gross?

i suppose it is.
it tasted good though.

but isn't it kinda gross that we drink milk from cows in the first place?
and besides, aren't we the only species that even drinks milk past our infancy?
isn't that kinda gross?


banananutmeg said...

totally awesome.
pureed squash? Like butternut squash?
I have a zillion little cubes of pureed veggies for Baby in the freezer. Why haven't I thought to sneak them into any meals for the girls yet? Brilliant.

hays said...

yep butternut. you can sneak it into about anything.

Briana said...

That's funny. My son thinks it's yucky. I think your girls will love these stories when they are older.

Leslie said...

I don't think it's gross, but that's just me.

Lori said...

It is part of your "industrious" self.

The Wifey said...

kudos! Way to improvise! I definitely don't think it's gross. But my question is: Did Eric have some? ha ha.

the wife said...

yay. when i really think about it, the fact that we all down milk like it's going out of style grosses me out. actually it always grosses me out, thus i don't ever drink it. i know you can DOWN your cow's milk. yuck.
although when i am nursing i think breast milk is the coolest thing ever. in-fact after this tragedy in haiti i had a day dream that it happened to us and my family was stuck for a long time. we all needed hydration but we only had enough food for one person. so...jeff got me pregnant so i would start lactating and then i provided hydration and nutrition for my whole family.
anyway, pretty cool that you did that. i wanna know too, did eric eat it?

Amber said...

i say...brilliant.

Rachelle said...

not gross one bit. if our babies drink it then it shouldn't matter if a little goes in the mac and cheese!

the crew said...

I agree- industrious! I've been faced with that option a time or two, but have never actually done it.

Way to improvise.

Candy said...

sorry dude, I think it's gross. I still think you're really cool, and I connect with your partial hippy-ness. But breastmilk mac and cheese crosses my line. :)

sheena said...

aaaahhh!!! that is awesome!!

sheena said...

ps. you do realize this is a totally untapped market???

101 Ways to Use Breast Milk, by YOU.

do it. I'll come to your book signing.

Valerie said...

HA! Love you, love your blog, that story made me dry heave a little, but still love you.

nicwoo said...

Laugh. Out. Loud.
What I take away from the story: When everything is expired in Rome...! :)

Jord said...

Ok, that is so sickly awesome that I might have tried it myself. There is only one word for you: resourceful.

Sarah W. said...

Hayley...i love reading your blog. Actually it makes me tired when I read about all you do and having 3 little ones. I have to say though, this post made me throw up in my mouth a little. I am not gonna lie. Maybe it is because I don't like milk to begin with, let a lone well you know....keep up the good work!

JRC said...

I've read your comments, and I may be the only one to say...gross. Although I've heard of it before, I can't bring myself to do it. But knowing you and your inner hippie, I'm surprised this is the first time you've used it! I'm sure its better for you than goats or cows milk. I probably would have dug into my food storage and used powdered milk.

Ashley said...


Vanessa said...

So funny! I think it is gross and awesome at the same time. My kids would not eat it if they new it was...Very resourceful though! NICE!

Annie Jane said...

:) Reminds me of your mom's breastfeeding story. I think it's funny. I can see myself doing the same thing.

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