moving air

i'm always bugging E to have a project, so we were both pretty excited about this
fabulous garage sale find.

it's a 50's westinghouse fan.

too bad after Easy took it apart, cleaned it, painted it, and put it together it...it didn't work.


fortunately E's grandpa was an electrical engineer and his dad inherited some wiring skills.

they got the fan fired up this weekend and he had a talk with the girls about keeping their cute little fingers away.

when the heat hits in a few months we may be a little more comfortable.

we'll see.


Jason and Courtney said...

I love your ability to turn old things like new! You are amazing!

Christina Moreno- floresdelsol said...

ooooooo I love it! what a great find.

sheena said...


nicwoo said...

I like this kind of thing too, always coming up with a honey do list :) he secretly likes it if it could get him sweaty or shocked.

Thedogatemyhomework said...

I'm writing this comment five years after your post about your vintage floor fan but I just found the exact same kind. I want to clean and paint it before taking it to be rewired but can't figure out how to open up the case. How did you do that?! Thanks :-)

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