learn and grow


this will be my second attempt at gardening. new seedlings are popping up every day.

it makes me giddy.

i have learned a lot from my first solo attempt.

mostly that bermuda grass is the most awful and invasive plant on the earth.
also that vine-y? vine-ish? plants should be placed out of raised beds
and that there is a nasty fungus in my soil that will kill tomato plants.

Photobucket Photobucket

so the tomatoes are in a separate box with it's own bottom,
i have added a drip hose and a timer.
and many of new plants to try.

i.e. snap peas, beets, cucumbers, sunflowers, and onions

and also pumpkins


funny thing is that i actually didn't start any pumpkin seeds, but there are pumpkin sprouts coming up everywhere.

you see, we composted our jack-o-lanterns last fall and those pesky seeds made it back into the soil when i was prepping for this spring

...along with who else knows what.


30 Easy Days:


Day 2: Organize his socks.


banananutmeg said...

I love the gardening posts. I can feel your energy through your pics and it is like a breath of fresh Spring air. After this post, I'm totally feeling the itch for spring, and am so ready to start prepping my garden beds. Can't wait.

I remember you saying you had a lot of success with Romaine last year. I've never grown any kind of lettuce before...but I"m going to start this year. Any advice?
Also-have you tried building a trellis for your cucumbers? They do really well when they have something to climb and your cucumbers will be pretty on all sides.

hays said...

yes. i have a pole for my cucumbers and for the peas. eek! so excited!

Lindy Lewis said...

man Hayley....sometimes when I read your blog I think "where the heck does she get all her motivation" and confidence, and time!
Seriously, you seem like the ultimate super mom, wife, student, EVERYTHING....kudos to you. I wish I was as ambitious as you are some days!!!!

Lindy Lewis said...

oh, and I wish I ever had breast milk good enough to add to mac 'n' cheese....ha ha! ;)

Rasmussen boys and 1 girl! said...

We composted our pumpkins last year, and we got thirteen 15 pound pumpkins out of the compost pile. I have never made so much pumpkin pie, pumpkin pancakes, and pumpkin bread in my life!

sheena said...

My SIL had potatoes popping up everywhere in her garden from her compost.....it's like a grab bag!!

Please post lots of updates on your perfect little garden....I will live through you until we can get ours started!

Lori said...

My MIL threw out her rotten gourds (you know the kind you put in a bowl on the table) into her garden. The next year they had the most amazing crop of decorative gourds. Always a surprise in the compost.

nicwoo said...

Oh, I love it, so! (Just excavate the whole da!n yard if the house sells soon!!! can't believe.

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