honeymoon's over.


remember how about a month ago i started cloth diapering? of course you do - you probably thought i was crazy and you were probably right.

but i'm still doing it.

and some days i hate it.

but you see this face?


awe. i know. the cutest.

i love that her bum is swaddled in super soft cotton and snuggled into a cute little cover.

even when i neglect to change her and she leaks out a little.
even though i'm frustrated that she is growing out of her prefolds.
even though her butt is like the size of texas and her cute little shorts don't fit over all that cotton.
even when she poops and i don't know what to do - or where to start - or how to not get any of it on my hands. (i swear i'm like a new dad. speaking of did you ever see this?)
and even though i have to hold my breath when i do the diaper wash.

still... i somehow like it.

even if it does make me a little crazy.

diaper deal here.


bp said...

I tried clothe. I had the same problems. You have to change them more often and the clothes don't fit any more due to the excess fabric of the diapers! It is frustrating. I only stuck with it for a month or so. I never invested in good clothe diapers though. I keep wondering if I'll try again.

moshell's lilbit of space said...

Good for you!!!! I have a friend that is using cloth too and she really loves (well-likes) it.

DK Johnston said...

When Christy posted this cloth diaper deal I thought of you and have been meaning to tell you about it. Glad you found it! I almost got sucked into cloth diapers when she did that post. It is so tempting to switch over...but I'm still too chicken.

the crew said...

We're going for it! I am a little hesitant about the added laundry, but I feel good about so many aspects, that I thought I might as well give it a go!

I do think they are quite cute.

nicwoo said...

awe is right.

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