...reminds me of turtle.

I'm making halibut tonight for dinner. This is new territory for me.

I have nothing to worry about though. Fortunately my girls like fish and one thing that I love about Easy is that he loves good food. I love good food too and have been blessed with the knack to prepare it well.

We will eat almost anything together and generally have no fear about trying something new like the time we had frog legs together in Windsor, Canada.

Which reminds me of turtle.

After we were married we spent a little time traveling the country doing lighting resets in Lowe's stores for work. It was the perfect job for us two newlyweds. We flew to random cities, worked together all day, hung out all night, drove rental cars, stayed in hotels, and ate out a lot.

We would go to church in random wards every Sunday and secretly hope that a kind soul in the congregation would invite us over for dinner so we wouldn't have to eat out. Believe it or not, we were dying for a home cooked meal.

But in Louisiana, we were unaware of what we were really secretly wishing for.

A kind young mom happened to invite us over and we thought that we had really scored. She was pretty and had a domestic look about her. Anyway, a home cooked meal is nice no matter what the chef looks like. Right?

It was when she told us how we were in for a real "Louisiana treat" that I got nervous. Then she proceeded, "My uncle is making turtle."

Turtle? Do people really eat turtle? No. No. They don't. They shouldn't. I had a pet turtle as a teenager and would have never thought to eat one.

We walked up to the house and sure enough her uncle (the cook) struts out: Big belly, holey wife-beater, cross eyed, toothless.

So we ate turtle.

And burnt rice.

And it was bad. Really bad.

What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?
Please don't say you have had turtle too.


banananutmeg said...

Our friends served us tater tot casserole a few years ago. I was pregnant at the time and was throwing up most of the food I ate anyway, but couldn't get over the bad taste of the beef. It was rancid. I could tell. After the meal they said, "surprise! That was deer meat, and you couldn't even tell, could you?!"
Yes. I could tell. And it did not taste good.
The elk burgers they served another time were also nasty.
But another time, we ate deer tacos at their house and they weren't bad at all. Salsa and guac can fix just about anything.
Moral of the story? Next time, ask for turtle tacos.

The Wifey said...

hahahah! That is so disgusting. My friend lives in LA and she ate squirrel at a friend BBQ. YUCK!

Lori said...

All of my worst meals came from the South. The absolute worst was crushed up doritos with melted velveeta and canned jalepenos on top. I was a missionary. I had to eat it. I won't say it tasted bad, but the thought of it was more than I could stomach.

sheena said...

and that is why I will never travel to the south.

sheena said...

ps. I have never tried them, but where I come from they have a "Rocky Mountain Oyster" Festival.

You know what that is, right???

Cow balls.

It's cow balls.

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