operation compost



Get yourself a bin. Preferably wood or a material that will breathe (this will cut down on the stink). I'm grateful to a friend who gave me this perfect wood box. It's about 3' by 1.5'. In the winter months it is recommended to use plastic bins.


Add organic matter. By organic I mean anything that came out of the dirt with the exception of egg shells.


Give yourself a hug.


Let it stew and do it's thing. Trust me...it will.


Add it to your veggie garden, flower beds, or pots.

helpful hints:

-keep portions small. if you are going to throw a whole potato in there then break it up first with your spade.

- add some dirt (this also keeps the stink down)

- turn it every once in a while. i'm imaging that in the summer months it needs to be turned more often. i've been turning mine every few weeks since november.

- add equal parts yard clippings on top of the kitchen scraps. i.e., dried leaves, grass clippings, twigs, sawdust, straw, oh - even ashes from your fireplace - booya!

- add water as needed or cover (use a tarp) to keep water out as needed. it should be dark and moist to the touch, but not sopping wet. if you are using a lot of kitchen scraps then you shouldn't need to add too much water as the water content in scraps is already high.

- if you can place a container under it to catch extra water or moisture, do it! then use that in combo with the watering for your houseplants.

- it's ready to use when it smells like rich dirt. you know, like a freshly opened bag of potting soil.

- never put fat, oil, or meat in it. this will attract vermin. shudder. i hate that word.

- boost it up a little by adding some fertilizer to it like blood meal.

oh, and if it happens to spontaneously combust then you did something very very wrong. :)

for more info go here.

or here.


banananutmeg said...

thanks! I'm not as far off as I thought I was. Egg shells really are ok?

hays said...

totally. calcium! some people say to rinse them out first but i just throw them in whole.

sheena said...

thank you! I am so excited!

Rhonda said...

AWESOME!! Thank you!! I'm thinking I have the perfect wood box out in my garage I can use. :)

moshell's lilbit of space said...

Thank you....my hubby is quite happy that you posted this....saving to favorites (as compost) and the links!!!

nicwoo said...

done and done! cant wait to use mine! (what a timely post!)

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