one word.

Easy came home the other day with a sort of announcement.

He claimed that he finally found a word to describe me.

You ready?

Dun dun dun...


I like it. I think it's a great word. Thanks Honey. Industrious makes me feel good in my bones. Really I'm just glad he didn't say deranged.

And I agree that in today, it fits.

This nature in me has been planning projects. I.e., dragging various images to my desktop in the instance that I get the time or motivation to make a version of my own.

Because the biggest thing I have going on is moving dirt.


Lots of it.



These little guys are starting to sprout and will need home soon.
(Yeah, I started them in muffin tins. I know, how industrious, right?)


And because I've had my stupid chickens pooping in the garden bed the last few months they had to be moved too.

Which wasn't too hard with my girly work gloves and hot pants (that I should not be wearing to work in).


My compost has been brewing for months now and I can't wait to use it.

For some reason though I don't think stickers break down.

Anyway, if you garden, you should compost. I'm amazed at the amount or organic matter that used to go down the disposal or in the trash which now will go back into the ground. Yum. And if you think composting is gross and stinky then I invite you to come and smell mine. It seriously smells good. Earthy good.


We got these off the curb outside Blondie's preschool and are making lemonade today.

Oh, how I love January in AZ!


Rhonda said...

Oh reading this makes me excited for spring. But considering we have snow coming down right now I've got awhile. :(

I've thought about a compost pile....can give me pointers on how to get started?

banananutmeg said...

question. Why did you take the old dirt out of the garden?

I've been saving my kitchen waste in a bucket...and I don't know what to do with it...does it have to be completely decomposed before I put it in my garden? It's just a nasty covered bucket with rotting food in it right now. And so far, I've only saved veggie and fruit waste (pineapple rinds, banana peels, the last of the lettuce, etc) can I really compost old bread? It's supposed to be moldy, right?

I don't know what I am doing, but decided to compost this year. I won't need it for 2 more months...but I'm wondering if I should be doing anything else with it in the meantime.

I'm jealous of your lemons. They don't grow here, and I grew up with orange bushes and lemon trees in my backyard.

you are totally industrious.

But back to the dirt. Are you burying your compost?

Now that I have a fence, I plan to quadruple the # of bed in my yard this year. Look out Arkansas.

the wife said...

i think:
cool post.
cool lemons.
i also think:
i'm really liking az right now too.

Leslie said...

I have a lemon tree. Seriously, you can have lemons anytime. I use them and freeze lemon juice but every year there's more than I can use so feel free to take some whenever!

Rachelle said...

industrious. that fits!

the crew said...

oh I envy your weather right now-
but I think I say that all the time!

I was just trying to decide if I'd try making my own headband or buy one (like the one you have pictured)- I've seen them all over the place here and think I need one of my own!

sheena said...

I have been trying to figure out the whole compost thing for a while now....like....what I do with it over the winter.....

but thank you for the reminder that I should start a little pile up right now.

I'm jealous of your weather, and think that we should move there.


I would love to have an industrious lady neighbor such as yourself.

hays said...

Looks like a composting 101 post is on the way.

Meg - I took the dirt out to mix my compost in with it and to mix garden soil in with it. I'll put it all back in mixed together. I've read that plants do better and roots go deeper this way. It breaks up the hard ground and also allows me to pull out the nasty bremuda grass roots that like to invade my precious bed. Over all, it makes a happier garden and happier veggies.

banananutmeg said...

A Compost-post? yes please.
@ Sheena-I'm too lazy to go outside when it is freezing, so I keep a big Sterilite bucket (you know, the 30 gallon grey storage bins) with a lid on it in my garage with out food waste in it. We do the paper shred and fireplace ashes (I hear it helps our crazy acid soil be more basic), but other than the fact that I have a bucket 1/2 full of rotting food waste, I have no clue what I'm doing.

sheena said...

Sorry Hayley, I'm totally hijacking your comment section with my questions on compost (can't wait for the post)

MEG. in my studying, I've found that you have to have a "special" kind of container, as to prevent spontaneous combustion--so you're also not supposed to keep it indoors. This makes me laugh just typing this, it sounds a bit ridiculous, but that's why I haven't started one yet.

true? not true? if not, I'm starting tomorrow. Do I add dirt to my special non combustable container?

hays said...

yes add some dirt out of your old beds. (garden beds that is)

get a container that is wood on at least three sides. that way it can breathe.

please don't burn yourself.

and leave me something to post about will you? :)

sheena said...

thank you! i'm done (for now:)

Amber said...

oh you are a bit of a temptress...since i can't even see the earth outside yet. and we discovered the city is putting in an alley thru our backyard...our garden boxes (yes, back breaking) have to go because they are on the easment property. no gardening or composting or lemons on the side of the street. you are a cruel woman...but i suppose i could make that cool mobile for my baby, but i think it would be cute with stuffed birdies from cool fabric.

nicwoo said...

Dear Industrious in AZ:
I agree. About all of it.
Love, "Special" in WA

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