the gardiner's take camelback

on the trail we met a guy who hikes up camelback mountain
4 times a day.
everyday but sunday.

he is intense.

i was going up and he was coming down.
i was coming down and he was going up.
i was still coming down and he passed me.

so i had to stop him before i convinced myself that i was seeing things.

he wears knee braces, gloves, and carries water on his hip

oh, and he is also 75.


music: lasso by phoenix (i know, how appropriate)


the wife said...

thanks for documenting that. let's plan next saturday for another one.

Porter Family said...

this is so fun! My kids keep watching it over and over and over again!

KC said...

Cool music, cool video, wish we could have been there.

the crew said...

so fun- I am jealous of your sunshine! It's snowing today, and will be for the rest of the week!

Lindy Lewis said...

Maybe Jeremy will be that ambitious with me one day, cuz I love to hike!

Hey call me sometime so we can talk about the family getting together in march.

banananutmeg said...

you are awesome.
I will totally join your compound in 2020 ;)

Leslie said...

I haven't hiked camelback since highschool. Watching your video kinda makes me want to go again! Maybe I can convince my husband to go?? He's kind of a baby. It looked fun though!

ALi said...

I miss that hike, especially this time of year.

sheena said...

Love Phoenix (the band) and now I think I officially love Phoenix (the city) and have to plan a trip out.

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