on her bum.


i'm up to my eyes in cloth diapers.

and I like it.
i feel like I'm doing something good.
for my baby.
and for me.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

we all learned about it as kids.


i'm going to be honest with you though.
i hate doing laundry.
and dirty diaper laundry is stinky.
even if your baby is breastfed.
even if it's just pee.

you have to have the right soap.
you have to know about your water.
there is a system.
wash at least 3 times before using.
rinse cold.
wash hot.


they get more absorbent with time.
but these are not like your momma's diapers.
they are soft.
they are snappy.
they are cute.
they adjust to grow with your baby.

and I like that.

it's a familiarity thing.
then a confidence thing.

and if you watch my baby.
i promise to leave you with disposables.


banananutmeg said...

I can't do it! I thought about it, but the cost of water here is OUT OF CONTROL.I try to keep laundry at a minimum. Plus, we're on a septic tank, so there are added laundry issues there, too. They are so cute, and I have friends that swear by the Bum Genius diapers. Good for you!
Are you using glass bottles for Gigi like you did with Mae?

the crew said...

Still looking into it- still intimidated by the added laundry!

Absolutely love those pictures of the two of you.

Candy said...

good for you! I don't know if I could do it, but I'm all for those who want to do it.
I was going to tell you too, that the snaps that they use on the disposable diapers are the ones I use! I get my snaps from The Snap Store (online), and there are a lot of people who use cloth diapers who use those snaps. Could I make the diapers? hmmm.....how complicated are they?

Megan said...

I am a little scared to try! Laundry would be my biggest challenge! So I want to know what brand you use incase I get brave enough to try!

You are a brave Woman!!

sheena said...

Hayley what detergent are you using these days?

sheena said...

ps. I think you are awesome.

falgirl06 said...

My mom had us in cloth diapers when we were babies. And she said they had a service in San Deigo where we lived that just like trash service, you left the dirty diapers outside they would take your diapers clean them for you and bring them back all nice a folded. Too bad they don't have a service like that anymore!

falgirl06 said...

*San Diego :)

hays said...

i think that they still do have those services. maybe i'll look into it.

i usually us the costco free and clear detergent for my clothes.

with diapers you have you use something that only has biodegradable surfactants in it. i have a box of trader joe's stuff and just got a box of sun free and clear.

i initially bought 12 organic prefolds and 4 covers from bummis. since then i found a lady on craigslist that was getting rid of a bunch and happened to have a baby girl so i bought them off her for less than half what you would pay brand new.

love craigslist. the oly problem is that the used ones i bought are microfiber and had a distinct ammonia smell after roo peed in them. so i've been trying to get that out.

tracey said...

that's awesome! I was so excited when I saw you were going to cloth diaper as I plan to when our first is born in may. I have done a lot of research and ended up buying these:


they are pretty inexpensive and that made me feel better about doing it incase I couldn't get the stink out and needed to purchase more.
the inserts are SUPER thick and super soft.

please continue letting us know how it goes!!

you rock

Christina Moreno- floresdelsol said...


you go!

I would love to try it, if I had a washing machine ;(

keep the process updated!

Jord said...

You are brave to try it and I am glad it is working out. And after seeing how good they work I will even watch your baby in a cloth diaper. No disposable needed.

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