little nothings


I have little to post about.

And the problem with posting consistently is that you feel the need to post. Like it's just expected of you.

And if you don't, you will get a phone call...or two.

. . .

We lost 21% of the students from Block II. It was weird having 10 new ones in class last night.

My baby girl refused her bottle while I was at class. I'm worried that she will keep refusing it. I mean, the girls gonna get hungry, right? She's got to take it at some point.

My 2 year old drives me crazy.

My 4 year old talks a LOT.

E will be 30 in about a month. THIRTY! I'm happy for him. Thirty sounds good.

The postpartum hairs on my head are falling out everywhere.

The other day Blondes was in tumbling class and I thought that the teacher was being a little unfair to her. I hated seeing her feelings hurt and prayed that she would be able to keep it together. It made me sick to me stomach knowing just how often this will happen in her life.

Last night we had a wicked storm. Amanda and I (we carpool together) ran from class to the parking lot in horizontal rain while dodging cars and giant ankle deep puddles. When we finally got to the car we sat and laughed like a couple of kids. Completely soaked. It felt good.


the crew said...

I'm right there with you- being sick to your stomach- I don't know if I can handle Z going to school and all the crap he may encounter there. Let me know if you figure a way to avoid all that- maybe they can just stay little and stay home forever!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for turning 30!!!...

Amber said...

see...aren't you glad you posted. life is good. i got your message today and it made my day. we had a crazy storm yesterday too...very horizontal. can't wait to talk to you soon. i'm planning on calling you sunday since tomorrow i have a big ice skating festival with my girls. love you!

the wife said...

hayley. i miss you already. what can we do?
30? jeff too. weird huh?
text the weekend.

Amanda Mock said...

That was a lot of fun running through the rain Hayley! I felt like a little kid again. My hubby is turning 30 too, his birthday is in May.

KC said...

tell e it is not that bad, i only cried for 2 hours the first night, oh, but then I started skimming the yellow pages for a while, that was a first.

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