i'm watching a girlfriend's two little girls today.
this house is saturated in estrogen.
they are all watching a little Dora so I finally feel like I have a second to breathe.


my new moccasins came!
i love them.
thanks babe!

i am thinking of doing cloth diapers.
i've been reading up on it this morning after easy sent me an email:

What if we...started doing cloth diapers: http://www.wildflowerdiapers.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=1840&idcategory=334 A girl at work does it and says its great.

more for budget reasons then anything,
but also because there is this little hippie in me.
she wants to help keep the earth clean.
(you know her. she is the one who has chickens, doesn't shampoo her hair, composts, gardens,
uses glass bottles, saves her babies umbilical cord stumps, births babies without an epidural and would enjoy communal living with all her friends - i know you want to too! 2020? what do you say?)


this month i have been working on getting organized.
so far i have done all my kitchen cabinets, the office closet, and started on the girls' clothing and closet.
it's an undertaking, but has to be done before i start school again on the 20th.
i have also been freeing up space on my computer which means i get to go through all my old photos:


isn't she pretty?
9 months is my favorite baby age.
that is when these were taken.

uh oh.
i've been caught.
little girls are begging for a snack.



Sally said...

Oooooo! I LOVE your red moccasins. I want some red ones. Love my blue ones but definitely want red. Cute pic of Mae way back when. I remember that little brunette!

Lori said...

My friend Kim is an avid cloth diaperer with a lot of hippie in her. She is a good source. http://prairie-mama.blogspot.com
She is now cloth diapering her 4th kiddo.

The Hyde Family said...

I've been looking into cloth diapers for our upcoming babe! I think it's a great idea. I also found some flushable liners that seem pretty great too! Your girls are dolls, by the way...loved your Christmas card!

the crew said...

I've thought about going cloth- I looked into it a great deal with Lulu, and even borrowed some cloth diapers from a friend- fuzzybums or something like that. I just never actually did it- too lazy- but I think it's a good idea for a few reasons, the added laundry scares me a bit though!

sheena said...

You know I am itching to start my own little village to live in, throw out my bra, comb out my hair, and live happily ever after.l

Jen said...
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Andrea and Justin said...

Hey long lost friend! Ya I check out your blog all the time since you found me on facebook! I cloth diaper my second girl. I like it but never by the velcro kind they are the worst only buy snaps. I like Fuzzibuns and rockymountain diapers the best. They don't leak through as easily. Some days I have to admit I hate it but most days I like it. It is just hard to launder them because you have to use only certain types of detergent and I swear I can never get them to smell the same. So good luck and if you have any questions you can ask! Miss you

smith scratch said...

I love your new moccasins. Red is fun!

eric and monica said...

i'm anti-plastic diapers for our next babe, too. i read about gDiapers online a while ago...

nicwoo said...

Yes, Hay. I have been keeping a mental tally in my head regarding you. You are practically "homesteading." I support you, but the closest I'm coming for the time being is using some cheap kid shampoo that has no sulfate. Just keep posting. Because being a hippy does sound charming.

nicwoo said...

PS. I'M at NINE MONTHS WITH DE. I am mezmorized and I totally agree with you.

Jord said...

Amazing that you can watch the girls, put your feet up, and blog at the same time. You really are wonder woman. :)

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