Oh it hurts!

i'm loving this time i have. i'm trying to take advantage of these free days with my girls and nights with easy.

little roo had her two month well check yesterday. the following was concluded:

  1. i have tall children
  2. i hate it when they are given shots
  3. gigi has some pretty powerful lungs

she is so happy though and we all love her.

i started dinner early and made the biggest mistake in cooking that you can possibly make and feel like an idiot for it.

can you guess what that is?

i was making this. which is super good!

and after i was done blending and pureeing peppers, onions, and garlic i looked in the mirror and happened to wipe the mascara that had lost it's way during the onion chopping.

burning! burning! burning!

bloody hell!

my eyes were on fire. fire balls!

and when i tried to open them it felt like the fire was sizzling my retina.

water. soap. wash. more water!

more fire! i'm swearing now and screaming. still can't open them. i'm imaging my face puffing up and never being able to see again.

more washing. more blinking. get it out!

after a few agonizing minutes it starts to cool and the world is somewhat good again.


for the rest of the day/night i could still feel the effects. like i had been crying for days.

the girls and i discussed what had happened:

but why did you touch them, mom?
why does it burn?
i don't want pepper in my eyes!
can you see?
see me?

#1 rule:

Don't touch your face or eyes after handling peppers.



banananutmeg said...

she is cute and looks so much like Blondie!

I could seriously eat Mae. Something about her gets me, and melts me.

Rachelle said...

oh cute video!

shots are the worst. i haven't started forest's yet. i can't stand them! i know i need too....just soooooo scared for him.

glad your eye is better.

{Erica} said...

um...OUCH!!!! Glad it went away. Did I already say OUCH!

loved the video.

Are you LOVING Catching Fire? Read it in a night...yeah it wsa that good :)

sheena said...

I think I need a baby now.

Jason and Courtney said...

Two words: ADORABLE.....OUCHIE

Anonymous said...

I hate shots too - I always tear up when she cries :o(
I love your videos - I really need to learn how to use our I-video.


nicwoo said...

Holy. We are sister's in pepperdom bc I just did that this week making pico de gallo. ANd I had even washed my hands, but no matter. Ya. Glad you can see.

nicwoo said...

PS. shots: I'm glad the importance of them outweighs your heartstrings on this one. I give my girls a little baby tylonol 30 min before and that seems to help...Allie doesn't cry and Nellie just growls at the nurse!

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