crazy stairs and big holes in the earth

this is when we are happiest -
easy and i on the road with our three little birdies strapped in the back.
i read him novels.
he consumes a lot of jerky.

i take pictures.
we eat at local diners
and drag the girls around pointing at this and telling them not to touch that.

i love it.

we kicked off 2010 with a little trip to Bisbee - an old mining town that has transformed into a funky hippy town.

it is so close to the border you can practically smell the carne asada.

e has been wanting to go and he finally convinced me to join him.











banananutmeg said...

mmm carne asada. I want some. I love living here, but if it isn't deep fried they don't make it here.

The Wifey said...

Okay that looks like a big pool of blood at the bottom of that hole. It's creepy.

A couple years ago my family was discussing where we should take a Christmas trip and my Dad posted a picture of Bisbee (on our family blog) and said he already booked the trip there. He thinks he's funny.

Candy said...

what a fun (and colorful) trip. The hippies are my favorite.
And is that blood?

the crew said...

sounds like a great thing to do as a family! We missed you guys over the holiday. Gigi looked delicious in her blessing dress- I am anxious to meet her some day.

Josh and Kandice said...

I want to know too, is that blood?! Looks like an interesting trip, but fun family time. I love road trips, too.

hays said...

i think it's mining residue. it's in the bottom of a huge pit in the ground. pretty sick, but not blood. :)

nicwoo said...

picture me reading your post. label it "fun!"

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