this girl.

there is something about her.

she drives me crazy.

ask her if she is a monkey, a bear, a girl, a baby, or even a puppy and she'll say,
"no...i'm a mom."

she adds y onto the end of most of her words. its a shoe-sy, sock-y, milk-y, bike-y, zip-py.

she falls on her face because her mind and upper body are often moving 10x faster then her little legs can go.

she is kind and affectionate, but so feisty and naughty.

changing her outfit at least 7 times a day and refusing to wear a jacket out.

maybe with being the middle child she is just making herself more known. you know, stamping her territory.

but then again, it's probably just



the crew said...

strong personalities- gotta love em.

Often when I am attempting to discipline her-Lu tells me she is not Lu, she's a mom.

sheena said...

and she is also my daughters soul sister.....to a T

Rhonda said...

She's like another version of my daughter, Gracie. Full of spunk. She lets nothing get passed her. :) But yet can be a total sweetie.

By the way can I tell you how jealous I am of the flip flops. We snow and it's 9 degrees. brrrr!

Cereal In My Stiletto said...

this is awesome. :) your videos are always so charming. I especially love the part about her putting "y" on the end of her words. too funny.

the wife said...

love it.

nicwoo said...

AMEN. (but my oldest, right now.)

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