This weekend we headed up to Cave Creek to check out the balloon festival - as well as grab some dinner.

It was chilly.
And my new moccasins don't insulate too well.

We ooh-ed and ahh-ed along with the crowd.
Over the giant balloons filled with hot air.

And we grubbed on some really-freaking-good hot dogs.

Little Roo stayed warm with me in my pouch.

Oh there she is!


Of course, this was all before we headed home.

And before a crazy woman decided to run Easy off the road as we were walking to our car.

And before, unfortunately, with the 2 older girls in arms - his first reflex was to smack the back of her SUV.

The next thing we know bam!

An evil demon was unleashed!

This was before she jumped out of her car and went on and on. It was amazing really - she went so far as to verbally and physically assault our car, yell profanity in front of our wee ones, and threaten to fight us (she claimed she had no idea he was there).
We were absolutely shocked.

All before we spent the rest of the evening with friends playing this and laughing our faces off.


The End.

next up: hays is enters the cloth diaper world. watch out fools!


The Wifey said...

OH Hayley she is so cute peeking out of there. She's already not a newborn anymore! What the H?!

Shelly Hyde said...

You are cute Hayley. so is your little roo. good luck with the cloth diapers.

Scooby and Jon said...

That looks like an awesome game. and your little roo is so darned cute. and yikes on crazy lady!

Kent said...

wow you guys live exciting lives

moshell's lilbit of space said...

wow...seriously?? that is somewhat scary.....

my daughter LOVES domo....

nicwoo said...

Sheeesh is an understatement. What a CAD. Glad it was reinforced with pleasantness.

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