A little story about a life-saver

Brother Jeremy and I a couple of hours before it all went down

We go to the temple lights every year. It has become tradition - I guess.

We showed up around 5 and met up with some friends. The kids ran around on the grass and we waited for the big lighting. When the lights finally do come on it is beautiful. Unfortunately the crowd is insane and there are always a few rude people - like the lady who tried to mow down my brother with her stroller claiming that the sidewalk is for walking not standing. :)
(I wish there was a way to make a sarcastic smiley)

After all our oo-ing and awe-ing, accounting for all 6 children, and answering questions about baby Jesus and Christmas, we decide to make our way around to the front and out. There is a girl behind us with three boys. The baby is in the stroller crying his poor little eyes out. Actually screaming. I can't help but glance back at her and feel her pain. Having three babies is tough and mine look about the same age as hers. Sometimes there is nothing you can do but let the baby cry a little - as you frantically try to pull it all together. I faintly hear her toddler cry and loudly hear her shout out his name. I have MaeMae in my arms and when I look back I see that something is wrong. The boy is choking.

Without hesitation I go to her, put Mae down, and grab her baby out of the stroller - he immediately stops crying, but the boy is still choking and I know that he needs more help. His mom is patting his back and he is looking pretty bad - still breathing - but stressed. I tell her that I'm certified and ask if I can help him. She says that she had given him a Lifesaver and agrees let me help. I give her the baby. I kneel down behind the boy and give him a couple of thrusts to his diaphragm. He still chokes and gags and throws up a little. Easy grabs GM and is off for more help.

The next thing I know the boy is out of my arms and into another woman's who decides to turn the poor boy upside down. She holds him by one foot and slams him on the back with her other hand. By the foot! I am shocked. Shocked. She looks at me and asks, No? I stare at her hard. NO. She then gives him back to me and walks away. I give him another thrust and a drink of water. He is shaking, throws up more, and suddenly he looks different. It's over. The candy is in his belly. He looks okay. He is just scared. Shaking. His eyes are full of tears and he wants his mom.

After she is all put back together and ready to go I settle down my Mae. She is upset that her dad has removed her from me and the situation.

We all get to the cars and my adrenaline slows - I think about the boy who I popped a quarter out of his throat in Home Depot 5 years ago, I think of how in a year I'll hopefully be a nurse, and lastly, I talk Easy's ear off during the 20 minute car ride home.


the crew said...

So great to have skills and training to help in such situations! I'll bet that mother is so grateful for you as well!

Way to go nurse hays :)

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

I may not know much about the medical field, but I do know that you should slam your foot on a child. That seems like a pretty safe assumption. Maybe that's just me.

Ash said...

Way to go, Hayley!!! You're amazing.

Shelly Hyde said...

oh my, what a night.

TheKeilShpeel said...

So glad you were there to help, I bet that mother was so grateful. How scary.

Saskia said...

How frightening but how reassuring that you were there, willing, capable and able to help.


Jason and Courtney said...

You are amazing, you were a blessing to that family!

nicwoo said...

I mean this: thank goodness for this Hayley in the world.
...now on the other hand, some folks terrify me.

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