our friends gave us a grapefruit off their tree and blondes has been begging to crack the thing open all morning.

she even brought it to my bedside when she came in to wake me up.

finally at 9am we made juice: grapefruit. sugar. water.

it was delicious. simple. sweet.

i wish that i could tell you that keeping things simple is all in the spirit of christmas, but to be honest for me it's a little in the spirit of i'm exhausted.

my plate has overfilled. i'm cooked. juiced.

when my father-in-law came to us with his christmas plan this year i was ecstatic:

  1. each adult draws one name
  2. create/give something meaningful to that person
  3. take the money you would have spent on the million people you were going to buy gifts for and put it together
  4. in a few years after doing this everyone takes a big trip together
  5. have a white elephant exchange to spice things up
i thought it was fantastic.

no more lists.
no more mindless shopping.
no more feeling like i spent money on gifts that may or may not be liked/appreciated.

that being said i still feel like i have a million things to do.

  1. make and send out cards
  2. laundry
  3. finish sewing the aprons i made for the girls
  4. finish painting peg dolls for the girls
  5. shower
  6. clean out and wash the van
  7. laundry
  8. wrap gifts
  9. laundry
  10. pay bills (including tuition for block III)
okay, so maybe 10 things. but still, i thought i was on break...


Jason and Courtney said...

Great idea! That is what my family is doing this Christmas, except no presents.....we have saved our money up for the past couple of years and we are all going to Disneyland in March!

Lindy Lewis said...

That's what the lewis' should do...go to disneyland! or lake powell. whatever.

I totally feel ya on lists of things to do...only now I am lonely as jer is working with brodie all up until christmas...
makes for some long days and no talking face to face with adults.

Hey hope you have a great holiday, and maybe we will see you in January!!!!
love ya!

banananutmeg said...

what are peg dolls?

hays said...

peg dolls: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vt_related_3&listing_id=35674263

Megan said...

That is a great idea!

PS How do you like your van? We are running out of room soon. Ok like in 4 months!

Shelly Hyde said...

0h hayley... i feel you. i love the laundry and shower. it is still on my to do list too. im typing with one arm, nursing for the 5th hour straight (pretty much) with sick hair and yesterday's makeup on. im beat. im spent. im juiced. i feel you.

nicwoo said...

What a jumpkick to da head a FRESH Grapefruit would be to me right now!!
Good goals, Good list.

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