Dear Santa,


Our mom is really busy. She has her final tomorrow night (which is pretty stressful),

but we haven't forgotten Christmas and all the joy it brings.

We haven't forgotten to trim the tree,


make hot cocoa, or even come to see you.


We are trying our best to celebrate the birth of our Savior and remember all of our blessings.

Please don't forget us Santa!

I've been a really good girl. I have even learned to tie my own shoes! Could you bring me a dollhouse? MaeMae wants some dress-ups, and Gigi...well, Gigi just wants fresh milk which I'm sure my mom can handle.

Oh, and thank you for sending our favorite elf Twinkle again. He is quite the acrobat!


Ava Sue


Sally said...

So cute! I love the acrobat elf! Good luck with your final tomorrow. I have no idea how you do it all. You are super woman! MIss you.

smith scratch said...

Looks perfect. :]
We have the same little elf, he watches our behavior around the holidays.
Happy Holidays!

the crew said...

good luck on your test. You truly amaze me!

Anonymous said...

aww! the whole fireplace / Christmas tree scene really gives off the holiday feeling! :o) I love it!!

eric and monica said...

love the tree...classic. i'll be in final hell with you tomorrow too... keep the faith sister.

Garrison Propaganda said...

i will forever be jealous of the hairy headed beauties you two make. im still waiting for my three year old to grow a little more!

nicwoo said...

Merry Christmas, Gardiner Darlings! And would you please tell your mamma to do a tutorial regarding good cmas tree photos? Thanx.

hays said...

tree photos:

put your camera on a tripod or hold it like really really really still and set your shutter speed to about a quarter of a second and that should do 'er

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