3:30 early Friday morning I get the text from Lindy: Just leaving hotel :) You ready to shop?

Yep. She even added the cute smiley face - that's why I love her.

The truth is that I wasn't up, but I threw on a hoodie and some jeans and was ready in about 5. You all know how I feel about mornings, but I wasn't letting it bother me too much. Just going through a third pregnancy and having a newborn doesn't allow for too much sleep anyway - I have come to accept that my sleepy days are over.

The first stop was Sears for a camera (just like the one I lost 6 months ago) that we wanted in black, but it only was in red. Sorry. No red camera for me. Sears also had a tool set for Eric that my brother convinced him he needed to have. We stood in line for a half hour for the camera (that we didn't get) surrounded by the most interesting people - all of which were completely disheveled with rank stale coffee breathe. These people are crazy. Animals I tell ya. All except for one who happened to be right in front of us in line. She took time to put on her best holiday sweater with matching earrings. She was extremely chipper for 4am. She had her hair done and her bright festive red lipstick on, which made my yesterday's mascara look pretty bad. She got a TV and a surround sound system with the extended warranty and forgot her credit card. I swear we stood behind her for days. Nonetheless, she was excited and you could see it in her eyes - no one was going to spoil her Christmas.

Then it was off to WalMart with even more crazy people and odd smells - some of which had slept there. We waited in line an hour taking turns to find a few items. I was smart to grab a magazine as we trudged along.

We hit Target next, walked in and walked out when we realized the line never actually ended - it just wrapped around and around and around the store.

After some hot cocoa Lin dropped me off at 5:30 and we were greeted by a drowsy E at the door. He wanted to see our treasures though they were few. The house was quiet and we fell back asleep on the couch together. It lasted only a half hour as we woke to little girls screaming that they were hungry, toys strewn all over, and a baby ready for a diaper change and nursing.

I just don't know Black Friday, next year, I think I'll take my sleep.



sheena said...

yes. you are (a bit) crazy.

nicwoo said...

-My first year in a while not to Black the Friday. I recommend Black Monday. No lines. Not that anyone can see them around my eyes then, anyway.
(Great Story, though! :D)
PS try finding your camera at 6pm.com

Lindy Lewis said...

Ah c'mon...you know you want me to wake you up again next year....ha ha ha!!!
I can still see that lady's sweater in my head...GO AWAY!

Love ya and miss you guys already!

Christina Moreno- floresdelsol said...

im not one for black friday... i definitely sleep instead. We went to target at about noon and still got the christmas tree on sale we wanted!

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