No-Poo Update

I went two months without shampooing my hair. Every other day I'd rinse and condition. Weekly I'd use baking soda and vinegar to reset it.

Here is the deal:

I loved how it looked and it wasn't stinky.
I just didn't really like how my scalp felt. By the end of the week I was dying to get the baking soda/vinegar on it - which felt awesome and made it look awesome.

I had Gigi and that is when I shampooed for the first time.

Then came the must-have postpartum cut/color where I discovered Purology products. Sulfate free. Cone-free. Love it.

Also speaking of poo. Mae is totally potty trained!!! It was a long process with a very distracted mommy, but I'm so proud of my little-big girl!


Jason and Courtney said...

Purology is the best stuff ever! I have been addicted for three years! I love your new hair.....it is adorable....and so are your girls!

Megan said...

The only thing I am wondering is do you put product in your hair (ie. gel, hair spray). I have naturally curly/wavy hair and I use gel and hair spray. Give me some advice!

PS Love the cut and color!!

hays said...

i put hairspray in mine, but didn't need as much because some was always left in from the day or two before

Gardner World said...

I to have used Purology but it is expensive! I liked it but felt like if I used it everyday it striped my hair too much and then it didn’t feel soft and seemed to have a lot of static. Do you wash everyday or still just once a week?

hays said...

tracy - once. maybe twice.

nicwoo said...

Your hair looks so cute!
--And YAE for MAE--

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