that is what this little birdie and i are doing today. it's just us here in my quiet and very messy house.

my most thoughtful, loving, and supportive husband has taken off with the wild ones.

and well, gigi and i have had our time off - our time to bond and rest.

but now i have to get cracking and fill my brain with all sorts of useful information for this week's big exam so i can pass block 2, or the nursing block from hell, as i affectionately call it.

no projects, no cleaning, no laundry, no fancy meals...just books, power point presentations,

and of course, my gingersnap.

p.s. don't you just love that receding hairline?


Candy said...

seriously Hayley, she is already looking so big! what a little doll, and I love those flamingos!

Good luck on all your school stuff! One day at a time, and it is OK if your house is a mess!

You are great!

The Wifey said...

Well how are you supposed to focus when you have such a yummy little peanut by your side?

Good luck on your exam. I don't wish to be your shoes! Well except for the good smelling newborn part.

Karen and Joe said...

She is super cute! So glad you got some quiet bonding time with the sweet babe, too bad you HAVE to spend some of that time studying. Good luck sweetie! I know it's tough, but once you pass, you NEVER have to do it again!!

Saskia said...

She's adorable!

Good luck with your studying. Mr B is revising for exams at the moment - our house is very stressed and very serious at the moment!


the wife said...

thinking of you tonight!sending all my many years of nursing knowledge your way!

yes, i love gigi's hair. camille had a receding hairline too!

sheena said...

i like her.

April said...

good luck on the exam!

Megan said...

Love those cheeks!

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