and everything else that comes with it...

along with a few pitfalls:

while swimming we were attacked by bees - well i guess that we were the ones who actually were invading their territory. maemae kept telling me that she had an owie and would point to under her armpit. about 30 minutes later my brother asked what happened to her back. i looked and there was a huge splotch of red, inflamed skin across it and a little stinger placed every so neatly in the middle. i guess it was just dangling there for a half hour. poor baby didn't even shed a tear. a few minutes later my nephew stepped on a bee and was stung - this is when the swimming ended.

little children and vintage wagons don't mix well even though i'm sure in the 80's they were intended to. the wagon had to be confiscated when child after child came in crying with bloody limbs.

waiting 45 minutes for the best pan pizza in town is a bad idea with six tired active kids.

and we discovered that the van has an oil leak. ugh.

more to come...including:
my first black friday and saving a kids life at the temple lights.


smith scratch said...

Sounds wild! I can't believe that Mae didn't freak with the sting! Happy Thanksgiving to you guys, although things went array, you still have adorable girls and swimming weather in November! :]

Leslie said...

I am intrigued by the temple lights story! I had a wagon just like that as a kid and don't remember getting injured by it??

sheena said...

I miss those wagons!! You could fly down hill and actually STEER!

I have never been to this wonderful place you call oreganos....I think we need to plan a trip your way!

nicwoo said...

The food and the people look so beautiful.

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