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we have created a poll here:

E says that the winner gets to name Baby Three.

Good Luck.

Things that may help you (or not):

My due date is Saturday the 17th.
Last Wednesday I was 50% effaced and dilated to a 2.
Baby's head is definitely down.
I will have the baby no later than Monday the 19th, as I have a scheduled induction for that day.


Jason and Courtney said...

You look amazing! How lucky are you that your feet and legs don't swell....even in that heat!

Amber said...

I can't be accurate until you are 90% effaced and to a 3...and they strip your membranes. then you're sure to go within 48 hours. for sure. oh happy day. by the way i'm finally breaking the news that i'm pregnant. pretty cool as i will find out what it is on my old due date...nov.14. (that makes me 15weeks plus a few)
love you.

eric and monica said...

16! 16! 16! 16! That's Nora's birthday and that's definitely when you will have your baby... Tell Eric I want to name your baby Casper.

sheena said...

you are the cutest.

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