Oct (I love you) ober!

October first was a blessed day.

Where the Gardiner's opened their windows and doors.

We smiled. The whole world smiled. Fall in Arizona!


We have been busy since then.


Dining outdoors (notice the jeans).


The little hippie in me has started composting for my garden next spring.

Unfortunately we were without our man for a few days there. Which made life here a little more hectic and lonely.


Because he took a little trip to paradise (aka Havasupai). I wanted to go, but we didn't think that would be the best idea. He has promised to take me though. Maybe in a year or when Three is old enough to be left.


Speaking of Three. We are just waiting.
(that is not he/she in the bottom of the bassinet - just another naked baby doll)



Mrs. Nettles said...

Hays, sorry I couldn't make lunch. Bringing along 3 of my own would have been no fun for everyone else :) Hopefully we can introduce our "3's" someday soon...once "it" arrives of coarse. ;) Hope you are feeling well. LOVE your spooky decor.

Rachel said...

I can't wait to get there! It's cold here....I like warm/hot! I can't believe you only have a couple weeks til you're due. Can't wait to see the little guy/girl!

Karen and Joe said...

wish i could of made the lunch bunch too! Miss ya! Good luck can't wait to hear the big news!!

KC said...

Thanks for letting Eric go on the hiking trip. It is super cool hanging out with him on these kinds of trips each year.

eric and monica said...

i am jealous of eric and his precious havasupai.

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