it begins

i dropped my mother off at the airport about an hour ago.


so we are on our own for a week until Easy's parents arrive.

it makes me a little nervous...


even though she is quite perfect.


the crew said...

Oh my word, she is beautiful.

Good luck this week- you can handle the madness! And if it ever gets too hectic, call me and we'll talk over the chaos occurring in both our homes!

Amber said...

she really is perfect!
kisses and hugs from me and my girls.

Candy said...

she already looks so much older! and what a beauty she is!
You'll do great on your own! one week! take it a day or an hour at a time.

banananutmeg said...

soak it up. All of it. Good and bad...just soak it up! You only bring home a fresh baby so many times in your life, and the moment will pass so quickly. Enjoy all the emotions and lack of sleep that come with it.

Hope you're feeling great.

(a bag of 88 cent stretchy lizards from walmart and a plastic horse from the dollar store saved us our sanity during week one our own with 3.)

April said...

so happy for you guys. she is beautiful!

Cereal In My Stiletto said...

She is beautiful!

Oh and I love all the natural light in your photos...so pretty!

John and Shelly Hyde said...

Hayley... you are a champ. The labor story killed me. Your mother looks darling with her new do. Little gingeroo is a doll.

CaTina said...

hey thanks for giving mom back I missed her. :) she's precious hayley. love and miss you all.

Garrison Propaganda said...

she is perfect. and there is one thing ive learned with three. if three is a good baby, you had a good recovery, help is more appreciated when that baby starts getting more active. good luck! she (and her sisters) are beauties.

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