the great fall

You may have heard about my fall. You want to hear it all?

I didn't want to go to clinical on Saturday. I was sick and had spent 2.5 hours the night before in Urgent Care being tested for the flu. It was negative and my WBC count was normal. Regardless of the fact that I felt like I had been hit by a bus my instructor encouraged me to at least show up. I can only miss one day and I need to save that day for my baby-recovery.

I didn't get to sleep that night until midnight and woke at 5am to see how I was feeling. I grudgingly put on my scrubs, tried to eat a good breakfast, popped a couple tylenol, and headed out the door.

I felt okay once I got there and as I started working I felt better and better besides the intense pressure of a baby's head on my cervix. It was a good pressure though. I encouraged it by staying on my feet.

Around 10am I was helping my nurse wrap a patient's leg and started to feel quite light-headed, dizzy, hot. I knew I needed to sit. I got out of there and tried to make it to a chair in a dictation room. The next thing I knew my face slapped to the ground and I felt pain in my knees. I remember thinking - why does my face hurt?? It felt like a dream. A pharmacist saw me and helped me up. He told me I fainted. My pants tore and my face hurt. I think I was pretty dazed for a minute, though I denied it at the time. I texted my instructor and Easy:

Passed out and fell on my face. Don't worry. I'm okay.

Of course E was calling immediately and my instructor was there within seconds.

I was ordered to stay put and work on my care plan for the rest of the day and luckily I was in a hospital and surrounded by people who took really good care of me.

Man, I hope I don't have to go back this weekend.

Send me some good labor vibes please! C'mon baby!!


The Wifey said...

Oh my Hayley! How did you not hit your belly? Well I guess it's not really that big anyway.

*LABOR DUST* and lots of it. Good luck!

hays said...

I was actually in child's pose and protected the little bambino.

Yeah, I felt like doing a little yoga in the hall.

John and Shelly Hyde said...

I've been sending you labor vibes since Hazel got here. I'll step it up a notch.

The Brown Family said...

if you want a little self-induction trick, that you may already know of, let me know. I'll email you!

Rachelle said...

falling is not good while pregnant girl!!!

i hope you go into labor soon, very soon. i went six days early - maybe you'll go early too!!! come on baby!!!

hays said...

i was 4 days early with blondes and 2 days late with mae. who knows what will happen this time...

Tai said...

I love the passive-aggressiveness of your text- kind of like "I told you so!"

{Erica} said...

Oh my goodness glad you're okay. You're such a trooper to suck it up and go in to class...not sure I would do that.

I hope you have the baby sooner rather than later. I'm sure it'll be SOON!

sheena said...

At least you were in a hospital....right? And at least you split your pants....because how many people can say that?

banananutmeg said...

i didn't see the part about the pants splitting!
I thought I had it bad when I slipped in the ICEE at Target 9m preggo.
You win.

good luck!
ps-So sorry you feel like trash...soak up the last bitty bit of pregnancy. As horrid as you feel, it is pretty amazing that your body and mind can handle so much all at once: pregnancy, motherhood, school, awesomeness...not an easy task to take on all at once. be proud of your stretched capacity.

Lewieville said...

Sorry no labor vibes until the 15th, thats what I am betting on, but hang in there! I heard about this and I was worried so I am glad you are ok!

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