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my ribs hurt. even when the baby's bum is not pressing against them, they are tender on the right side.

i took the second test for the block in nursing last night. it sucked. i'm waiting on my grade.

MaeMae is having success with the potty managing only one accident a day and venturing out of the house with panties on.

i broke two chicken eggs this morning - hate it when that happens.

i'm shadowing a school nurse on friday.

i'm canning peaches on saturday.

i'm giving a talk in church this sunday.

i have a paper due next week.

we keep getting busier.

i'm going to have some chocolate milk...


the crew said...

i feel for you- i remember the tender ribs.

That chocolate milk looks good- it should do the trick!

{Erica} said...

Have them check to see if your ribs are out of place. That happened with both my pregnancies. They put them back into place which lasted a few weeks then I'd go back in and get them fixed. OUCH!

yay for MaeMae and her PT.

Best of luck on your talk...you'll rock it.

banananutmeg said...

beware the post-canning-peaches fruit fly attack! we are currently under siege.

the wife said...

oh dang. you're nuts. can i fit into these plans some time?

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