oh fall...

yesterday marked the first day of fall. did it not?

in arizona the seasons blend into one another and half the time fall feels like spring and winter feels like fall and spring feels like summer. summer feels like...well hell, but we have already discussed that.

i grew up in northern nevada. a place that i have always loved, but i have not really wanted to return to live there. i have to admit though, that when the seasons (are supposed to) change i always think of home where the each one is distinct enough to notice, but fair enough to enjoy.

i keep waiting for reasonable weather in phoenix. waiting and waiting. it's like this every september - we grow tired of the heat. tired of 100 degrees and higher. just give me 90!

i do have a few things to look forward to that make the season manageable.

#1. A baby coming
#2. My mom coming
#3. Halloween! (not sure how that one is going to work out being postpartum)
#4. Only having class one night a week
#5. Ending clinicals
#6. Ava's Birthday
#7. Thanksgiving!

thank you fall! we'll get along with each other soon enough.


the wife said...

i know the feeling.

Karen and Joe said...

I heart the cooler weather...finally! you have a lot of action packed up for you this season, let us anthem friends know if we can help you with anything. Good luck sweetie!

MA said...

i know what ya mean... i'm sick of the humidity in florida and just want to breath in some brisk cool air! missing the mountains too....

banananutmeg said...

I love my kitchen aid!
I WOULD bake if I could find pumpkin in any of the stores around here!
I spent the last 2 days decorating for Halloween instead.
It feels like fall.

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