i'll be honest with you...


i'm not a very good student. i never have been.

but somehow i have still been able to manage decent grades.

i knew that nursing school would be different. that i would have to apply myself and actually go to class and maybe read my book. i started off my first block reading and studying, but that all eventually went to pot and i ended up at the end of the semester with a 89% in the course after barely looking at my book or any other study materials. classic. typical hays.

this block i assumed would be much the same. that i could pour over my notes before a test and get at least a B. i read about half of my first week's readings and put in a couple of hours with my notes before exam 1.


i failed.

no kidding.

in nursing school you have to get at least a 76% to pass and i walked away with a 75% that evening. i was crushed. my ego hurt. really? of course i blamed everyone and thing besides myself. i was sure that the grade was wrong and i could talk myself into another point. i mean really, that test was crap! sooooo poorly written (see, i'm still blaming)!

i know though, that it comes down to me and my non-existent study habits. i've depended on my instinct and the process of elimination. i've been lucky - and arrogant.

so basically i've started reading. before class!! and going over my notes afterward. i made flashcards last night after coming home at 8pm and tried to process the action, side effects, and implications for like 5 different corticosteroids.

i have to pass. next week i have another test: fluids and lytes, diabetes, and endocrine.


i have to pass.


{Erica} said...

I am sooo very envious that you're doing this!

Before marriage I was preparing for the MCAT and had my sights for med school. I love love love what I studied so studying was easy because it was something I loved. That being said I don't know how I'd find time if I had 2 little lovely girlies and one on the way who need my care and love as well as a husband who needs support and love as well. You AMAZE ME!! (and in fact have inspired me to look into nursing schools around here).

You'll pass. I know it.

The Crew said...

I feel for you! I did the same thing in school, and often wonder what school would have been like if I had actually studied- I always passed, but I don't remember a thing!

It'll pay off! You'll pass- and be all the better for all the work you put in!

The Wifey said...

oh...so YOU were one of the those people who didn't have to study and still got good grades. I hated people like you. jk.

But seriously, this is why I don't think I could ever go to nursing school (something I definitely want to do) while my kids are still young. I would never study and I would definitely fail. Heck, even if I studied I would probably barely pass.

Kudos to you and hit those books!

Mandy said...

Good luck with your studying...and changing your study habits. I know you can pass!!! :-)

I'm the same type of student you are, so I'm going through the same thing right now.

eric and monica said...

good luck! i totally feel your pain- I'm determine to learn my stuff this time around with grad school and it's so easy to fall into the same old routine. next time i'm studying i'll think of you!

the gardiners said...

Sometimes we just need a little kick in the butt to get us going. You're gonna do just fine...

6 more weeks right?!? We can't wait to meet #3.


ALi said...

I know the feeling of failing a test. It's awful. Good luck on your next one!

Karen and Joe said...

Oh I sooo get what you are saying! I'm sure the test was written poorly and you would have done better! ;) but way to go with your new motivation and study habits, it will pay off! i know how intense nursing school can be, just can't imagine doing it with kids like you are, but YOU CAN DO IT!!! :) good luck!!

Anonymous said...

You can do it! If I did it with little kids anybody can. I was like you. I don't think I read any of the required reading material. Opps! But the real world of nursing is totally different then what you learn in nursing school. It’s all about how you apply your knowledge that counts. Keep studying and remember you have to study to how the teacher writes the test (if that makes sense). In nursing there is often more then one answer to a question. The hard part is determining which answer the teacher wants. It is stressful and the end doesn't seem near but before long you will find yourself 7 years down the road a jaded old nurse like me :)


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