Fire! Fire!


I really tried to make it a full year without a visit by the fire department.

I tried and failed tonight after they came a knocking on my door.

9 month pregnant Hays was just needing to burn some tree trimmings that were appropriately contained in a fire pit (nesting - you know). They never fit in the garbage can and how can it be any different then having a little backyard bonfire for marshmallow roasting? The girls watched the blaze with wide eyes and E and I piled it on.

Easy asks - Are you sure that this is legal?

Sure! It's all us Nevada kids know is how to do is burn things.

It's not legal in California.

Well, whatever is legal in Nevada has got to be legal in Arizona...besides prostitution and gambling.


Meanwhile Easy goes inside and I hear sirens and see helicopters overhead. I start thinking that maybe this isn't such a good idea. He assures me that they are for an accident down the road.

20 minutes later:

Honey, the fire department is here.

Yeah right...

I don't believe him.

I look outside. See the huge truck. And split.

He talks to them. I hide.

Our economic conscious neighbors called them. One big truck and six suited-up dudes later we are told that it is in fact illegal to burn yard clippings. How appropriate for them to get all fancy for us!

And there you have our tax dollars at work. Thank you neighbor!

Next time you could just holler over the fence or maybe bring over a roasting stick.


moshell's lilbit of space said...

It is not illegal in KY, and let me just tell you, we have had some HUGE fires, where people drive by, just to make sure it isn't the house :)

(I would have hid too)

banananutmeg said...

for real? neighbors are lame.

Burning trash/yard clippings/whatever is legal here as long as it has rained in the past certain # of days....they have a "burn ban" sign that goes up whenever it is not ok....pretty funny that it IS legal, considering we live in a forest and could SO easily send the whole town up in flames. I love the nevada in you. And I can't believe you hid!
ps-um...are these rule abiding neighbors the same neighbors that were smoking pot several months ago?

tt moreno said...

oh my thats funny. Its all your nesting instincts going into overdrive.

why wouldnt your neighbors just tell you??? strange

Candy said...

that is hilarious! hahaha!

what a memory...

ISBAM said...

Ah, love the neighbors. Reminds me of a friend who called the sheriff on our Bishop. Who's also a sheriff. Because he parked his trailer with four wheelers on the street in front of his house. Seriously? Why can't they just call their neighbors? Is 911 just easier to dial?

Lori said...

But these experiences make your blog the best on the block.

Jason and Courtney said...

Thanks neighbor?? You should give something nice to them for a neighbor Christmas gift.....smore stuff?

{Erica} said...

HAHAHA you hid...that is so what I would do too.

Perhaps for christmas you could give your neighbors some roasting sticks and marshmellows and a card that tells them they are more than welcome to attend the next bond fire :)

The Lewis's said...

alright, so this is a little embarrassing, but i have to say i've discovered your blog through a friend of mine's blog (grammatically correct? i don't think so), have been blog stalking for a while, and i just have to comment on this one. i too live in phoenix, keep chickens, have two little blonde children (though not with a third cooking), and am lds. and i have to say i too burn our extra branches and yard stuff neatly contained in our fire pit. an i'm taking your post as a cautionary tale to at least keep it small and contained so the neighbors don't notice, haha. i get a kick out of your blog because you're so much like us- keep up the good yard work!

the wife said...

lol.hayley, that is a good story. i would have liked to see a picture of them at your house. so was the helicopter or you or not?

eric and monica said...

I just read in our local paper today that burn barrels are illegal in our county... BURN BARRELS?! I love burn barrels!

sheena said...

I think somebody just has a thing for firemen.

TheKeilShpeel said...

That's hilarious. Probably not at the time.. but it's funny and yes.. neighbors can be lame sometimes.

Karen and Joe said...

hahahaha! oh my hippe hays! That is a FUUNNNNY story! (now,) i'm sure at the time you weren't laughing so much at the time, or E for that matter. The thought of the look on his face talking to the fire department makes me giggle too ;)

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