i can't tell you how many times a week i call my mother about GM.

this week it's about potty-training her. i feel like a brand new mom - like i've never done this before, i tell her.

and she so motherly laughs and tells me that i just need to be a different kind of mom.

so i guess that is the real challenge.

with every kid are we required to be a different kind of mom?

currently i'm dealing with Miss Mae's:

incessant nail biting - and toe nail biting might i add. when she is idle or unsure of her surroundings those little fingers make their way into the mouth and chomp. chomp. chomp. there go the finger nails - and the toe nails.

she is also crafty about the potty. if i leave her naked all day she proudly goes potty all on her own. yes - numbers 1 and 2, but the second i put panties on her she wets them. we all know that i just can't send her over to the shangri-la ranch nudist colony (i'll let you google that one on your own), but i also can't allow her to go breezing to play dates in the buff. my mother agrees with a slight spank pat on the bum - which i'm all about until i see tears well up in those baby blue eyes and i turn to mush.

she also enjoys all the other glamorous personality traits of a 2 tear old like spitting, hitting, and yelling NO.

if my mom is right then that means i do need to learn to be a different kind of mother. the mother of a little punk - one that has me wrapped around her little finger's at that.


TheKeilShpeel said...

I haven't dropped by your blog in a long time but I hope all is going well. If you do figure out the nail biting thing.. let me know. My boy does it too. (at least that's one less finger nails we need to clip right?).. :) (I've tried putting thumb sucking stuff on but it doesn't work.. my boy loves it)hmm..

Rachelle said...

i don't know what's worse, nail biting or thumb sucking.

i don't know when to try to stop the thumb sucking thing with daphne.

don't sweat it - mae's adorable and you're a good mom!

banananutmeg said...

today Reese bit Quincy on the hand.
"Why did you do that, Reese that is so mean? She is your sister...why?"

"because you weren't looking".

yeah. I thought I would have a clue what I'm doing by the time my kid was almost 5...apparently not.

It's something different every day, isn't it?! Just when we get one thing under control and feel like we have a handle on life....BAM, new habit, and a new reason to call my mom and cry.

cuz I totally do that, too.

KC said...

i still bite my toe nails, what's the big deal?

smith scratch said...

your mom sure knows what she's talking about. Motherhood makes us amazing people. :]
Mae is so dang cute chillin' there.

Mandy said...

I can't deny I'm a nail biter myself. Never ventured south to the toes though. I've heard of people of all ages using a rewards-based "program" to discourage the habit. Or nail polish (to make them look prettier as well as have a nasty taste).
Good luck finding something that works!

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