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I thought that with Blondie going to preschool that Miss Mae might end up being a total wreck missing her playmate, best friend, and big sister.

But the opposite is true.

She has sort-of...come into her own. She is so content playing quietly on her bed. She gets to do things just how she wants without rebuttal from big sister. She puts all her babies to bed, reads her books, and is right now - bandaging ouchies on my legs with torn up baby wipes. I think she is enjoying her freedom.

I was hesitant to put Blondie in preschool until next year, but I knew that with the baby coming it would be best for her to get out a little and for me to have some bonding time with MaeMae. Plus it's only 2 mornings a week.

So far it's been awesome. Blondes is so proud. She tells me all about her days, who she played with, what her art is depicting, and what books they read and snacks they had. I hope she always talks to me like this.

And Mae..Well...Today we are bonding over blueberry muffins...



The Crew said...

Such good things, and I agree- I hope my kids always want to tell me everything!

Those muffins look delightful by the way.

banananutmeg said...

your hair looks super thick. Like Victoria Secret Model Hair. I am stoked for Reese to go to school next week. She needs it. Q needs it. I need it. Separation makes the heart grow fonder!

Candy said...

your hair does look darling!
and I want one of those blueberry muffins! yumm-o!

The Hyde Family said...

preschool is a wonderful thing...it's not too long and a little one on one time is always good.

Leslie said...

Are those dark low lights in your hair? If so, I LOVE THEM! I saw your hair post and I tried the vinegar thing once but it just made me smell like a salad all day. I guess it is supposed to wear off but it never did. The baking soda trick is interesting. I have very dry hair so I can get away with not washing it every day.

Anyway, I am glad preschool is going so well. I am hesitant to get Sydney in next year because I will miss her but I know she'll love it.

Saskia said...

I'm glad it's working so well for you all! I bet Blondie feels so grown up!

Have a great weekend xx

{Erica} said...

Seriously digging the longer hair on you. you're beautiful and of course so is Mae.

the muffins look so yummy.

I was afraid of Mailee missing Ella too. Instead she too has enjoyed peaceful play and playing with Ella's toys in her room :)

nicwoo said...

Lovely- I was one sibling to enjoy one on one and they are some of my most profound memories. :)

smith scratch said...

Mae is so cute living up her time without her sis. It's so nice that you can give her that time before the little guy comes along.

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