A Poor Mother Hen


Strolling out to the ladies' coop has to be a highlight of my day. Everyday we get 2 eggs, which means that only two of my four chickens are laying, but still those two little eggs are like gold to me. Finally! It has paid off - all the pooping, and escaping, and waiting. We are reaping the rewards! I love it.

I almost killed them all 2 weeks ago. Really. Literally. Did I forget to mention that? We went to LA and I allowed the ladies to have free range in the back yard. I set up feeding stations all over - in hopes that they would not scrounge all the food in one day. I left water dripping and a mister on. I thought that they would throw a party, like you know, invite the boys over or something. I figured they would go to town on what was left of my garden and find all sorts of weeds and bugs to stay fat on and lounge in the shade trees - sort of like what I did in Vegas - minus inviting boys over.

When we arrived home 4 days later there was no water dripping. There was no food left out. I came out the door and all four of them ran at me panting with bulging eyes - Madge could barely walk - maybe she was just so excited to see me??? Oh, yes that's it - she was STARVING and could hardly hold herself up - tripping over her own two feet.

Easy got them water and I fed them. They pecked at their grain like they had never had something so glorious. I was guilty - I felt it. And there were no eggs to be found. None for 3 more days either. I was sure that they were pissed and letting me have it. Are chickens capable of holding a grudge? Aren't their brain's the size of like, a peanut?

Well come to find out, they were actually just hording them and taking liberty of laying in the long grass instead of their boxes in the coop. I found a pile of 9 a few days later and sadly had to throw them all out.

Stupid chickens. I'm sorry I almost killed you. Thank you for the eggs. I'll try to be a better mother in the future.


the wife said...

ha!. totally stupid chickens.

banananutmeg said...

My "fence jar" is getting fatter...which means Meg gets chickens possibly next spring. You are so good. I'm pretty sure I'll drop a few potty words over my stupid chickens if and when they piss me off. Or when I step in poop, which will be, like every day I'm sure.

nicwoo said...

Sad. Oh well. They are okay. (Being nostalgic for some reason, remember lajolla, that poor mouse that I finally dumped outside in its makeshift pen and the next morning you let it out- waterlogged and clinging to nothing after the sprinklers poured in all night??) You really are a better animal momma than you credit yourself.)

nicwoo said...

Just thought I'd throw that out there.
Your videos are so cute and well edited! I haven't really seen you guys for years but find myself smacking myself on the forehead laughing watching Eric come home in the car from work and your beautifulness clicking on the computer... AWESOME! CUTE! STUPENDOUS!

hays said...

nicole - totally forgot about that mouse. hilarious!

Saskia said...

Poor chicks!! I'm glad they were ok and are back to normal now. I'm convinced animals hold grudges! Miss Meisha certainly did after Matt put her in the rabbit pen outside while we were relaying the floors! She gave us the evil eye for days after!

Saskia x

Garrison Propaganda said...

all i can say is your brave to venture past raising your little girls. are you going to consume all your eggs yourself (well your family) or are you branching out and selling them?

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