name game

have you ever used the baby name voyager? it's sooooo cool.

we don't mind spilling on baby names and i know that many of you are curious.

so here you are:

Estelle (Stella)

Don Carlos
- not really, but E likes to tease

Please feel free to throw out a suggestion. MaeMae was named 2 weeks before her birth by Easy's uncle.

Isn't she the cutest?



Lori said...

Mike throws out Don Carlos all of the time. I'm not kidding. He loves the Joseph Smith has a brother with that name. :-) I always wanted to name a kid Van but with my last name it ain't gonna work. How about Milo? That will be our next kid's name. I think you're having a boy.

Rachelle said...

love the name stella and phebe. both adorable. and kelly loves the name redd for a boy (although i think it's safe to say we are NOT using it). good choices. i gotta check this site out.

we are undecided for our little guy. :)

Candy said...

AHH! Stella is SO on my girl list!
All are such cute names, especially Don Carlos. Actually I think you should use Don Carlos whether it's a girl or a boy. :)

btw, I Love that baby name site, it is really really cool!

nettie said...

no way, ginger is the only name jeff and i really like at the moment...it's hard to make a final decision (for us anyway) before we actually see the baby.

Snake said...

I like Don Carlos too since Joseph Smith named one of his sons that. What the hell?

{Erica} said...

I totally had to text my husband and tell him your names because....2 of those names are on our list!!

yet again...we find we are similar. it makes me smile...because I dig that I can be similar to you :)

Young Family said...

I think all of the names are great names and very different. I really like Stella. I have always liked Daphne, but my hus hates it. I also think that Oliver is soo cute. Good luck naming kids is so hard!

Rasmussen boys and 1 girl! said...

I LOVE Stella and Van!

smith scratch said...

It has to be Van. I feel positive about this one. :]

smith scratch said...

Hay, you have got to go see the photobooth photo I just posted of J and I on my blog, I may have you beat. :]

d said...

Love the name voyager- it weeded out and reassured many name selections for us. You guys always choose such great names, and I am honored that two of our (very distant) name possibilities hit your list also. I think naming a kid is one of the best parts of pregnancy! happy hunting and we can't wait ot hear the final choice!

Jason and Courtney said...

Cute names! I think any of them would be great!

tt moreno said...

i love estelle and redd

zebnholly said...

Not to break some of your ideas for boys because I think they are great but Zeb and I have already decided months ago to name our baby boy VAN ZEB FULLMER.

The Wifey said...

Stella goes so well with your other girls' names. I also Redd. Very cute. Who are we kidding though it's going to be a girl!

Kassi said...

Love the names! Tim and I had the hardest time naming Mya, so that's great you have such a long list! I actually have a suggestion - Thea. It's the name of a girl in my young womens and I know Tim wouldn't like it, so just throwing it out there because I think someone should use it!

banananutmeg said...

you've liked Van for a long time-use it if it's a boy.

Redd is freaking awesome though.
A friend of mine JUST had a baby and named him Henry...they call him Hank. So cute. Thought I'd pass on the cuteness.
Another friend of mine in Ca that totally reminds me of you has a 4 yr old named Reef. He has long curly locks and I just think of you guys having a boy that looks just like him.

What about Cruz?


Girl names-
Stella is darling, but you'd be surprised how popular it is getting. I hear it almost as often as Bella, Maddi, Emma, or Hannah out here.

Theda is a great name. I don't think I've heard it before, but it doesn't sound like some wannabe made up name. I like it.

banananutmeg said...

Soren is still my #1 boy name btw...maybe the next kid will sport it.

nicwoo said...

I've navigated the voyager many a time! I actually have my own suggestions to toss in the hat.
I may be a huge nerd, yes.
To compliment your other girlies' names (let me know what you think):
Elsa, Elise, Owen

...I have more lol.

nicwoo said...

PS stella too. And that's been on my list before.

nicwoo said...

Ooh, and Thea would work nicely (Kassi).
Yes, I'm quite the nerd.
You're probably having a boy, so I'll stick with Owen.

Anonymous said...

I think Theda goes well with the other girls' names... kind of the old classic style. If we have a girl I like the names Delia or Lydia which go well with Mirabel. Not that it matters, just one of those dumb things you think of to give one name or another that extra boost to beat out the others on your list.

Emily said...

I always thought that you were going with the 3 letter theme for your kids. So I think you should pick a three letter name:) If not, how about Ellie for a girl? Or Sophie? I think you are having another adorable girl....so I won't give any boy names:)

I'm sure I will think of more later...since I'm not having any kids yet it is fun to throw out names for other kiddos!

DAD said...

how about:
Gary Kent
Jaun Pablo
Ivana Bea

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