Hippie Hays: The 'No-Poo" Experiment


Locks of love baby!

Last month I read how my friend wasn't going to shampoo her hair any more. A little grossed out but, I was intrigued. I had already been going 3-4 days without washing and thought that I'd try to just go cold turkey. Basically for the fun of it. What would it hurt?

The rules:

-No Shampoo as it totally dries your hair out
-Wash your scalp once a week with 1tbs baking soda in a cup of water (please make it warm) with a touch of honey and rinse with vinegar diluted in water the same way (which is weird at first, but my scalp feels awesome afterward).
- I also put conditioner on my ends and follow up with leave in conditioner (this I have done a couple of times in the past 10 days).

My results:

-It's been ten days since I have used shampoo.
-I'm not greasy.
-Leave in conditioner works wonders on my long ends (just try it).
-I actually do feel like my hair is more healthy and manageable, but I admit that I'm not totally sold on the idea. I'm willing to give it a total month before deciding.

I guess that the main thing I'm worried about it my head smelling. E hasn't complained though and that guy can (and does) smell everything. I swear he asks me at least twice a day with a disgusted look on his face, "Hon, what is that smell?"

You would tell me if it smelled, right?

Have any No-Poo thoughts? I'm interested to know what you all think...


banananutmeg said...

I shampoo once or twice a week max and condition only on the other days. I've done the baking soda thing and felt no difference, and the thought of vinegar smell in my hair makes my stomach turn. I'm sure it doesn't stick, but I just can't do it. (same with vinegar in laundry. Can't do it.)

shampoo days are for after my long run on saturdays or when I work in the yard. I don't feel grimy at all and my hair is stronger. My hair usually starts falling out around this point after having a baby but it is still thick and strong and sort of an entity.

You know I read this post and hoped it was some miracle hippy potty training solution. Maybe I'll just post about that. "the day I let Q run naked and she potty trained herself overnight" wouldn't that be great?

good luck with the honeyhead.

Start at 4:55

The Wifey said...

Sweet I got a shout out! ha ha...I'm totally going to admit something here...I've been cheating on my no-poo experiment. Let me explain: During the week I use no shampoo...I co-wash with a natural conditioner and then use gel products to make my hair curly. By the end of the week the build up of the gel is too much for the conditioner to get it out so I use a shampoo to get it out. BUT the shampoo severely dries out my hair even though I only use it once a week. So what I am going to do is get a non-sulfate shampoo. Sulfates are what dries out your hair so much.

And the smell thing, my hair never smells! And this is coming from a person who sweats a lot on a daily basis (because of exercising not in general)

So those are my thoughts! Yesterday I actually co-washed my hair (I poo'd on Sat) and instead of scrunching it and making it curly I just let it air dry and it is SOOOO soft!

Mrs. Nettles said...

Hays. How you feeling? You look great!! I love no-pooing. I have been doing it since high-school but never told anyone... (gross!... ) although I used to only shampoo 1-2 times a week since my hair was curly. I usually rinse my hair with vinegar and water but in bigger doses. I am going to try the baking soda thing and less vin. way and see how I like it. You hair looks great that lenth, by-the way. LOVE it! Take care. Tiff

{Erica} said...

1. You look amazing. Your hair is awesome in that pic!

2. Never tried this. I am not sure if I want to. Too afraid of the stinky head...ew!

3.I wash my hair once a week (usually). I wash it on Sunday morning. I have thick hair and it's never greasey so I can go that long without washing. Washing takes up so much time (2 or 3 times with shampoo ugh). This just might be something I'll try...as long as you can promise I won't get "stinky head".

Rachelle said...

ooohhhh your hair looks beautiful! must be the 'no-poo' experiment.

i don't think i could do it. i once tried to not use deodorant - i was being all natural, only alcohol swabs here and there - i couldn't take it after a few weeks!

The Crew said...

I may have to try this out- I've actually recently started washing my hair more and have noticed it is drying out. Nice to learn why.

You do look beautiful! I'll be eager to hear how it goes for you.

Sally said...

I quickly read up on your blog just before I needed to jump into the shower for young womens tonight. So in light of your experiment I decided to try the little concoction on my greasy tendrils. Impressed so far. I made Carolyn Hunsaker smell my hair to see if i smelled like vinegar. She seemed a little wierded out by it when I told her what I had done although she said she didn't smell the vinegar at all. PS She said to tell you hello!

Saskia said...

Great idea! Like the Wifey said, it's the sulfates in shampoo that are the bad ingredient... you should be able to find a natural shampoo that doesn't contain sulfates and that should really help the condition, strength etc. of your hair. I use a lovely one from Dead Sea Products which uses all the mud and minerals from the dead sea!

Saskia x

Megan said...

I have thought about "no-poo" but I am so nervous! My hair is so weird and I sweat too much that I have to wash it everyday!

Plus I think I would totally stink! I am so afraid of it! Maybe I will try it for a while, when the weather cools down and so do I!

Garrison Propaganda said...

im not totally sold, but maybe once i chop it all off and have less to deal with id be interested in experimenting. seriously though, some people are just naturally grease balls and its gross. (like my brothers x-girlfriend). the smell factor might be nothing but the chunks of gresy hair sticking together not cool.

Anonymous said...

After I bathe my dogs I use a diluted vinagar rinse on them - it gets any remaining shampoo out and totaly KILLS the wet dog smell. Seriously - TOTALL KILLS THE SMELL!
Vinegar is a natural odor-eater. We have a great dane and the bathroom always reaks during his bath! (gotta have warm water - outside faucet won't do!) after the vinegar rinse, all gone! Your hair should not smell like it afterwards. My dogs don't. THe vet recommended this idea. Sounds pretty smart to use it on your hair! I get my hair light-lighted - I wonder how it would affect that? Myfather is a chemist - I will ask him!
Love the idea! so smart!
Amy from Texas

Rasmussen boys and 1 girl! said...

I love your hair!! It's beautiful. I remember in high school my hair was really long and yours was really short and I said I wanted to cut it, and you said you wouldn't have any reason to hate me anymore if my hair was short! haha I think the no poo this is working great.

hays said...

Emily - That is hilarious!

Lewieville said...

I don't know how I feel about the no shampoo, I would love to try it but I am adicted to the smell of my clean hair I don't know if I could handle it... on a side note I LOVE your long hair it looks so great on you!

Gardner World said...

I can't go more than two days without washing my hair but I wish I could. My hair is just two greasy and I can't stand the dirty hair smell! I hate washing and drying my hair. Takes so much time. I would love to air dry my hair but I have frizzy, not so curly, hair. I have tried Pureology and it rocks. It is an all natural shampoo/conditioner. It is super expensive but you only have to use small amount. It is also vegan.

nicwoo said...

I use vinegar with my laundry detergent in washing clothes so i get it. but you'll have to test again when you are not preggo. my hair is totally different during, than after! I don't poo as often btw

sheena said...

your hair is killing me....I LOVE It!!!

Can I skip the shampoo.....and then still use the 100 other products I mush in their?? Can I still be a hippie then?

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