goodbye. my love.

i love my volvo. everything about it.

i love that it's a wagon.
i love that it's silver
i love the charcoal leather interior
i love the heated seats and how it feels like i'm driving my living room around in the city.

but sadly, we have no room for little Three in it.

so it's on the market - hoping to go to a good home.


and we just can't justify getting a SUV.

minivan it is!


Anonymous said...

above all else, make sure it has electric doors. That feature literally "changed my life". (corny, I know, but very true!) you don't have sit the carrier on the ground to shut the door and you can open it up for the older ones to get in on their own.
I too had to give up a car I loved and sometimes I still miss it, but the awesomeness of the electric door and middle-walkway to the back area of the van surpasses everything else! It will also make it easier to tote adults around (grandparents!)
I've had my Dodge grand caravan for nearly 9 months now and I wouldn't trade it for anything!
good luck! All the brands should have electric doors options too.
Amy from Texas

Karen and Joe said...

awww, sniff sniff! That was a sweet ride, but i'm sure you'll enjoy the minivan. they are pretty sweet too, in a different kind of momma way! :)

The Crew said...

We were sad to make the switch, and I still look longingly at any monteros I see driving by- but the convenience and comfort have sure been worth the trade!

Rachelle said...

i'm sorry. i love my wagon - i'll be sad when we part with it also.

but really, how roomy will a mini-van be?!?

{Erica} said...


The Wifey said...

When we have number three on the way (whenever that is) we too will be getting a minivan. They are entirely more practical with small children than an SUV. Good luck with the buying and selling!

Sally said...

Hooray for the mini-van! It is seriously a high adventure vehicle! YAY. I still cry a little when I see a highlander but I get over it fast.

April said...

this is Ryan's favorite commercial. In fact, when we 1st bought our minivan, he always talked about making a video with the coolest minivan clips to send to all of his friends who made fun of him! (Honda totally stole his marketing idea)

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