getting ready


Lately every time I try to post MaeMae puts up a HUGE protest, but she is a little distracted at the moment so I'll squeeze something in.

My mind has been a buzz with school starting, a wedding this weekend, Blondie starting Preschool (eeeek!), and lastly with little Three who is about to peek his/her head out before we know it.

Easy and I have had a lot of talks about how we are going to handle it all. Okay, it's actually more like me talking his head off while he sits and nods occasionally.

I've actually started nesting. I'm cleaning out closets and packing up clothes. I want everything in order so when the time comes all I have to worry about is loving this new little bundle.

Oh, and clinicals. And finals. And pumping (I'd rather eat dirt).


the wife said...

lol. pumping reminds me of vomiting in my mouth and then swollowing it.
let's get together yayaya.

The Hyde Family said...

Life sounds really busy, but in a good way. To tell you the truth it will probably never slow down from here on out! Three is really fun though. Good luck with everything.

Jason and Courtney said...

I wish I had the nesting instinct a little right now.....I am only two days away!!!

nicwoo said...

Yay Hay! YOU ARE AMAZING and have a wonderful and lucky little brood to have you. :)
...and explain to GMaeMae that you simply must post your creative self. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

you'll get through it all and then you'll look back and wonder how the heck you ever did... we can do pretty amazing things when put in the situation. I can't wait to find out what the baby is!!! (and of course his/her name)

Karen and Joe said...

Go wonderwoman go! You are amazing in all that you do. you are so on top of things and manage to keep a sense of humor when your plate gets a little full, I'm soo impressed! Let me know if I can help, that's what friends are for!

The Crew said...

Sounds crazy- and a little too familiar-ish!

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