i pride myself on duplicating things. for cheap-sake.

i also love my fellow etsy-ians, but you see this headband?

i made it for $4. yes folks:

FOUR stinking dollars!

they sell it for 4x that amount at Urban and on Etsy.

let me break it down for ya -

feather at joann's (oh yes, it comes all glued together just like you see in the photo): $2.99 +
headband from the drugstore: $0.99 +
a bit of hot glue =

a very stylin piece of cake!


banananutmeg said...

i am so making myself a black one...or maybe a white one, so it will show up under all of my hair.

Totally cute! I love when you post crafts.

Lori said...

It looks great with your strait hair. I'll have to try it.

{Erica} said...

I totally bought mine last year for $35!! You saved me some major $$!!! THANKS!

did the feathers come in different colors?

Candy said...

I'm all about a bargain baby!
Good job! You look darling in it!

I would look like a spazz I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

I find myself doing the same thing, only you're much more of a go-getter. I say "Oh I can just make that myself" but I never do - or at least not most of the time.
Very cute though!!!

hays said...

There weren't many color options at joann's for feathers unless you want to cute and glue it all on your own.

Ash said...

So cute! I LOVE mine. I have been wearing it around and its a big hit. It will be hard for me to stay single with this thing.... Men can't resist a feather in the hair.

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