Buddy for the Week

Blondes and George from Preschool

I pushed George in my stroller and gave him lots of loves.
I liked sharing my lunch with George and pretending we had a picnic.
I tried to help him walk and stand.
George really liked seeing my 4 chickens and getting their eggs.
My Sissy wanted to play with George too, but I found her monkey to play with instead.
I love George and am so glad he came to my house for the week.


Karen and Joe said...

such fun memories! Ryan got to bring home courdroy bear in preschool, they get sooo excited about it. It's great what makes their day!

Jason and Courtney said...

That is adorable....

smith scratch said...

She seems to be doing great at school. That is fantastic.

eric and monica said...

we love george!

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