Buddy for the Week

Blondes and George from Preschool

I pushed George in my stroller and gave him lots of loves.
I liked sharing my lunch with George and pretending we had a picnic.
I tried to help him walk and stand.
George really liked seeing my 4 chickens and getting their eggs.
My Sissy wanted to play with George too, but I found her monkey to play with instead.
I love George and am so glad he came to my house for the week.


we are all content


I thought that with Blondie going to preschool that Miss Mae might end up being a total wreck missing her playmate, best friend, and big sister.

But the opposite is true.

She has sort-of...come into her own. She is so content playing quietly on her bed. She gets to do things just how she wants without rebuttal from big sister. She puts all her babies to bed, reads her books, and is right now - bandaging ouchies on my legs with torn up baby wipes. I think she is enjoying her freedom.

I was hesitant to put Blondie in preschool until next year, but I knew that with the baby coming it would be best for her to get out a little and for me to have some bonding time with MaeMae. Plus it's only 2 mornings a week.

So far it's been awesome. Blondes is so proud. She tells me all about her days, who she played with, what her art is depicting, and what books they read and snacks they had. I hope she always talks to me like this.

And Mae..Well...Today we are bonding over blueberry muffins...



Hippie Hays: The 'No-Poo" Experiment


Locks of love baby!

Last month I read how my friend wasn't going to shampoo her hair any more. A little grossed out but, I was intrigued. I had already been going 3-4 days without washing and thought that I'd try to just go cold turkey. Basically for the fun of it. What would it hurt?

The rules:

-No Shampoo as it totally dries your hair out
-Wash your scalp once a week with 1tbs baking soda in a cup of water (please make it warm) with a touch of honey and rinse with vinegar diluted in water the same way (which is weird at first, but my scalp feels awesome afterward).
- I also put conditioner on my ends and follow up with leave in conditioner (this I have done a couple of times in the past 10 days).

My results:

-It's been ten days since I have used shampoo.
-I'm not greasy.
-Leave in conditioner works wonders on my long ends (just try it).
-I actually do feel like my hair is more healthy and manageable, but I admit that I'm not totally sold on the idea. I'm willing to give it a total month before deciding.

I guess that the main thing I'm worried about it my head smelling. E hasn't complained though and that guy can (and does) smell everything. I swear he asks me at least twice a day with a disgusted look on his face, "Hon, what is that smell?"

You would tell me if it smelled, right?

Have any No-Poo thoughts? I'm interested to know what you all think...


goodbye. my love.

i love my volvo. everything about it.

i love that it's a wagon.
i love that it's silver
i love the charcoal leather interior
i love the heated seats and how it feels like i'm driving my living room around in the city.

but sadly, we have no room for little Three in it.

so it's on the market - hoping to go to a good home.


and we just can't justify getting a SUV.

minivan it is!




everyone needs a good spooning.


A Poor Mother Hen


Strolling out to the ladies' coop has to be a highlight of my day. Everyday we get 2 eggs, which means that only two of my four chickens are laying, but still those two little eggs are like gold to me. Finally! It has paid off - all the pooping, and escaping, and waiting. We are reaping the rewards! I love it.

I almost killed them all 2 weeks ago. Really. Literally. Did I forget to mention that? We went to LA and I allowed the ladies to have free range in the back yard. I set up feeding stations all over - in hopes that they would not scrounge all the food in one day. I left water dripping and a mister on. I thought that they would throw a party, like you know, invite the boys over or something. I figured they would go to town on what was left of my garden and find all sorts of weeds and bugs to stay fat on and lounge in the shade trees - sort of like what I did in Vegas - minus inviting boys over.

When we arrived home 4 days later there was no water dripping. There was no food left out. I came out the door and all four of them ran at me panting with bulging eyes - Madge could barely walk - maybe she was just so excited to see me??? Oh, yes that's it - she was STARVING and could hardly hold herself up - tripping over her own two feet.

Easy got them water and I fed them. They pecked at their grain like they had never had something so glorious. I was guilty - I felt it. And there were no eggs to be found. None for 3 more days either. I was sure that they were pissed and letting me have it. Are chickens capable of holding a grudge? Aren't their brain's the size of like, a peanut?

Well come to find out, they were actually just hording them and taking liberty of laying in the long grass instead of their boxes in the coop. I found a pile of 9 a few days later and sadly had to throw them all out.

Stupid chickens. I'm sorry I almost killed you. Thank you for the eggs. I'll try to be a better mother in the future.


remedy me


I have been feeling a little dead and achy. My pre-pregnancy muscles have atrophied and my joints have stiffened. I can't take it anymore. I feel out of breath and exhausted at the end of the day.

To remedy all this I have committed myself to walking in the mornings and eating better (mainly breakfast). well, you all remember how I feel about mornings, but I may have changed my mind after today:

Last night we hit the sack at 9pm and I woke at 6am. I forced myself out of bed wanting to cuddle up to E a little more, but knowing that if I didn't get up I'd regret it. I put on my running shoes and took off. I walked for a half hour. It was unbelievably cool out. I came home feeling refreshed and energized. I fed my chickies and took to conquering the bushes in our backyard that have turned into living, breathing, green monsters during the past few months of summer neglect. I came away with a few scratches, but ultimately I rocked them. I kissed Easy goodbye and MaeMae and I enjoyed some homemade granola before the girls and I did a little Yoga together.

I feel good. 6am was totally worth it. Encouragement is welcomed.


Mix together in large bowl:

10 c old fashioned rolled oats
1/2 c sesame seeds
1/2 c wheat germ

1/2 lb shredded coconut

2 c raw sunflower seeds
2-3 c chopped nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, whatever)

2 c dried fruit (craisins are best)

Heat in saucepan until dissolved:

1.5 c brown sugar
1.5 c water

1.5 c canola oil

1 c honey
1.5 tsp salt

2 tsp cinnamon
1 T vanilla

Pour over dry ingredients and stir. Divide in half and spread each half on a cookie sheet. Bake at 300 degrees for 30-40 minutes, stirring half way through. Cool. Store in airtight canister.




Two weeks ago we mentioned to our oldest daughter that it was time for her to visit the dentist.

Easy and I sat her down and explained what it was going to be like. How the dentist was soooo cool, how the chair would move, and how he would count her teeth and assure her that the continuous brushing was paying off. I told her how she would get a new toothbrush and probably a sticker.

Upon reading her face expression and seeing her reaction and I even pulled out the bribe:

We can get a treat afterward if you are really good.

It didn't work.

While we talked and explained away, her bottom lip quivered, her eyes welled up and she could only sob to me, "I don't want to go..."

She is unsure of change. She is cautious. She looks with wide eyes before taking the tiniest jump and well, I really love this about her. I wish I was a little more like that.

Yesterday morning as we headed out I didn't know what to expect. She still was resistant and unsure. She watched with wide eyes as the hygienist probed in my mouth. She stood and held my hand as if I was the one that needed the comforting, as if I was the one who was uncertain. The hygienist would ask her questions and she was mute. When I was finished it was her turn.

She carefully climbed into the chair, adorned the hot pink star glasses given to her, and was fully educated on all the tools that were to soon occupy her tiny mouth. She touched them with her fingers and shyly picked her poison as bubblegum while hesitantly opening wide.

I sat staring at my little girl. Holding her small hand I thought about how I used to stare at her little face all day - back when I was the only thing that existed in her tiny world. And back when I was so uncertain on how I was going to be a mother to this tiny creature that had just emerged out from my womb. Her face is still so much the same. Her fair skin and her square jaw. Her blond lashes and brows that are barely there. Somehow we have grown together. I am completely aware of her and she somehow responds to my haphazard mothering like I really know what it is that I'm doing - at least she holds my hand through it.

The hygienist finishes up and gives her a bag full of all sorts of goodies. Not only that, but she gets to pick something out of the "treasure box" for herself and she kindly asks if she can also take something for Sissy. That's my girl - always thinking of others, particularly her Sissy Bear.

On the way out I ask her what she thought of the dentist. She looks up at me, grins, and very maturely states, "Pretty cool."

Next week: Preschool.
I'm not sure that I'll ever be the same. Let the tears roll.


Gardiner's Unite




Last weekend Fat got married in the Los Angeles Temple and we all celebrated.

I love the idea of having another Gardiner in the family.
It's an added bonus that she is pretty rad.




i pride myself on duplicating things. for cheap-sake.

i also love my fellow etsy-ians, but you see this headband?

i made it for $4. yes folks:

FOUR stinking dollars!

they sell it for 4x that amount at Urban and on Etsy.

let me break it down for ya -

feather at joann's (oh yes, it comes all glued together just like you see in the photo): $2.99 +
headband from the drugstore: $0.99 +
a bit of hot glue =

a very stylin piece of cake!


name game

have you ever used the baby name voyager? it's sooooo cool.

we don't mind spilling on baby names and i know that many of you are curious.

so here you are:

Estelle (Stella)

Don Carlos
- not really, but E likes to tease

Please feel free to throw out a suggestion. MaeMae was named 2 weeks before her birth by Easy's uncle.

Isn't she the cutest?



on loving my crow's feet

see that dirty mirror? just keepin it real my friends.

Everyone asks how I'm feeling these days. And I honestly can't complain. I tell them I am feeling great. Pregnancy ain't really no thing for me or my body. There are only little complications like swollen ankles and an achy back at the end of the day.

I am told that I am small which is also no surprise considering that I have consistently measured 2-4 weeks smaller than I should be with each pregnancy, but still produce almost 8lb babies. Don't get me wrong though. Even if a pregnant woman is "small" she is still quite pregnant and feels quite pregnant at 7 months.

So yes. I can answer physically that I am doing fine and that I feel great.

Emotionally though, this pregnancy has had me beat and to be honest it's purely selfish and I'm just going to throw it out there.

I have been afraid that I'm losing myself.

I think it's a combination of being in my late 20's. Getting married young. Having three babies. School. And everything else that happens when you realize that you are no longer your spunky self, because well, you are now responsible. There is suddenly more to living than weekend plans and passing Algebra. I'm guessing that we all go through it at some point (you have too, right?). We get hurt. We hurt others. We lose our energy. We overextend and think...What happened to me? When did I get so serious? Why don't I laugh as much as I used to? I used to be cool. Are those crows feet?

I was thinking about it more today though and as I laid down with my overtired and extremely emotional MaeMae at nap time and I couldn't help but think of those things that I have gained through my little and limited experience.

I can calm my fussy toddler. I can doctor a fresh wound (like that one she got yesterday). I can make play dough. I can manage to look a little presentable when my husband gets home at 5:30 after a day of wiping bottoms, cleaning up spilled milk, organizing, cleaning, and breaking up fights. I can play a wicked witch like nobody's business and I can cook pretty well without knowing what exactly has been added to the dinner - compliments of my two eager helpers.

I have learned. I have experienced. I have loved and been given love in return. I am a little wiser and can stand a little taller. I can say no. I can stare my crow's feet down.

Oh, and by the way, I'm so glad that I'm not cool anymore.


getting ready


Lately every time I try to post MaeMae puts up a HUGE protest, but she is a little distracted at the moment so I'll squeeze something in.

My mind has been a buzz with school starting, a wedding this weekend, Blondie starting Preschool (eeeek!), and lastly with little Three who is about to peek his/her head out before we know it.

Easy and I have had a lot of talks about how we are going to handle it all. Okay, it's actually more like me talking his head off while he sits and nods occasionally.

I've actually started nesting. I'm cleaning out closets and packing up clothes. I want everything in order so when the time comes all I have to worry about is loving this new little bundle.

Oh, and clinicals. And finals. And pumping (I'd rather eat dirt).
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