Satan's Breath


Last night I walked into my first class of block 2 and was immediately sweating, but it wasn't my nerves.

Apparently they are trying to save cash so they turn down the AC in the summer months. It was awful. 40 students crammed into a corner room on the first floor down a little hallway. We all sat there for 3 hours fanning our faces with the new syllabus while having IV insertion introduced to us. It was torture! When I took a bathroom break I literally had to peel my clothing from my skin. I almost thought it was cooler outside, but when class was over I walked out the doors and was slammed by the deadly heat of Phoenix at 9pm.

I've always tried to describe it to people, but have never been able to get it quite right. It's like pulling dinner out of the oven, or It's like having the hair dryer in your face whenever you walk out the door, but for some reason these descriptions have never really satisfied me until this morning when I read what a friend had written who was just visiting. He said that when the breeze blows it's like Satan's breath.

I think he hit it right on.


Kent said...

Well put, keep the kids off hell's pavement please.

sheena said...


sorry about the heat, but Satan's Breath is funny.

nettie said...

ugh! that sounds awful (your classroom). I almost died in nv last week with 100 degree temps...we are sitting on a cool 60 something degrees here in denver (weird), but my pregnant body is NOT complaining.

the wife said...

i felt the same way when i read his comment...perfect description.

{Erica} said...

Perfect description! I can only imagine how you were feeling. If you're anything like me you're already like a furnace while pregnant!

We almost moves to Phoenix...now I'm kinda glad we didn't. :)

Candy said...

oh now that's just pure misery. Gag. I'm so sorry for you!
Would you ever move to a cooler place?

hang in there melted woman...cooler months are headed your way.

Jenni said...

Thanks for reminding me of what it is I don't miss. Yuck.

Karen and Joe said...

OH that's soo awful! I can't imagine having to sit in class like that....pure torture!! You poor thing! But that is a great descrpition!

Amy from Texas said...

Girl, you need to call the admin's office and "talk" with them about that! and if they don't do something about it, make a call to your local TV station(s) and tell them about that! You can't be sitting in that kind of heat! I live in Dalllas, Texas, and I know first hand - people die from the heat! Too friggin' bad about the AC bill - yu pay OUTRAGEOUS tuition prices - you pay for the AC bills! Tell them to turn in on!

I understand about how hard it is to keep a place cool and 20-25 degrees is an acceptable amout of a difference, so if it's 100 outside, then 80 is pretty good.
Just think, a college in Houston or San Antonio would NEVER get away with that crap - the humidity would cause your eysballs to melt!
But seriously, you need to complain, take action, whatever it takes to make this change - we still got at least one more month of this heat and well, you will only be getting more uncomfortable and expanding!
I just don't know how you didn't throw a fit! Your preg hormones must be under control! Good luck sweetie!

eric and monica said...

you know you like it.

nicwoo said...

we've had a few days without our beloved water-breeze. without those, Satan's Breath in the Shower? HATE IT. Good Luck.

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