of boys and girls


Easy's Back.

On Monday he went to Colorado and after a whole week of having him to ourselves in CA we were extremely lonely without him.

All us girls basically moped around the house for three days. We are hopeless without our man. We missed his humor and his love. We need him here to take care of us.

Upon his return the girls mauled him to the ground. I was relieved to have them off of me and loved hearing their screams and seeing them light up as they took him down. I doubt he could breath with their faces smashed up against his. We are blessed to have such a guy.

I often think Three will be a boy, since I do feel a little different this time around and because it seems to be boy season. Easy predicts a boy and tells me that he is very insightful and knows these things, but then I think of how well he treats us girls and I don't understand why Heavenly Father would take the chance on sending a boy. Yep, we have a pretty good thing going here.

I also know how little boys love their momma's and I know that a mini little E would probably just steal my heart away. I would be putty in his hands. Which might be another reason to send a girl - I've already become such a soft-y.


Candy said...

hands down the cutest pregnant lady I've ever seen. You're so skinny, except for that perfectly round baby bump. Glad your husband is back. And I'm excited to see what you're having. Both boys and girls are so much fun!

The Brown Family said...

you look so good! I can't believe how pregnant bellies just grown before our eyes. Are you guys not finding out through US what the gender is??? Very brave if so! I'm too impatient. And for some reason I DO think daddys have some special insight. Scott has been right four out of four!

{Erica} said...

You are such a darling pregnant lady!

John and Shelly Hyde said...

So YOU are tiny... things have changed over in our neck of the woods... the ol' "oh you totally don't look pregnant" phase is over and the "so when is the baby due" phase has begun. It's going to be so fun to all be together SO SOON.

The Hyde Family said...

Both boys and girls are so wonderful! You look fabulous, by the way.

Saskia said...

Whether you have a darling boy or darling girl, it will be the perfect #3 for your family :)

You look absolutely wonderful!

Saskia x

Rachelle said...

cute tummy, mama!!!! i can't wait to see what 'it' is.

Amber said...

i love you.

Karen and Joe said...

What a cute family you all are! Glad to hear you are all back together again! Your preggo belly is adorable! miss ya friend!

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