killer apologies


sorry my blog has been dead.

i hope to revive it this week. when you blog daily it's nice to sometimes have little breaks. unfortunatly, it makes people worry about you a little.

if you have tried calling me, i'm sorry but my phone is also dead. i left my charger in nevada, which is typical and my mother has been neglecting sending it to me - also typical. you would think that i'd just go and buy a new charger, right?

well, wrong.

there is also something a little nice and liberating about not being completely attached to a cell phone, so i don't want to go and just buy a charger (plus aren't they like $30). it makes me feel like i'm living on the edge. like, if i'm driving down the road and something happens and i won't be able to call anyone about it ---- what would i do?

meanwhile, i start my second block of nursing school tomorrow. more to come on that.

as for now, i'm sorry, but this post is dead.

1 comment:

The Brown Family said...

you can get an off-brand charger at Walmart for around $15...just a thought

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