in reach

i guess got lucky with my first born.
she is calm. she stays by my side. she listens. she is respectful. she makes friends easily and she rarely throws fits.

i feel like i have her pretty well figured out.

this afternoon, we were playing and talking. she was cutting hearts out of paper that i had folded and drawn the lines on for her. she made a daddy, mommy, and sissy hearts. all with sweet little happy faces. meanwhile, i was wasting time on facebook and i didn't even notice it.

but then, i went to get a drink. i passed the bathroom and there it was...

just like little white feathers. all across the bathroom floor and in front of the living room mirror.


i called for her. expecting the worst. expecting this:


she came.

and what?


she looked normal.

just a few more layers around the front. shaping her square little face. i guess my trim the other night wasn't exactly what she wanted and i guess she didn't quite get the whole only-mommy-cuts-your-hair-talk we had.

so we had it again.

and i gave her a cookie.



ISBAM said...

Amen. And Amen! My sweet B is pretty mellow and well behaved, too. And she did the same kind of haircut at that same age. You pretty much couldn't tell. And she's never done it again. Now little sister, on the other hand...

Candy said...

oh you are such a good mom not to flip out! She looks darling however her hair is.
luckily my kids have never cut their own hair.
knock on wood.

hays said...

oh yes. it's that little one.

she'll look like the creepy one eyed doll for sure.

sheena said...

that is the scariest doll!!!

I am really impressed with her skills!! is she taking on clients?

you know your little one will get herself bad someday. call me, I'm sure my little one will be doing it right around the same time...

Young Family said...

Wow you got off easy. I never cut my hair, but my brother used to cut my hair all the time. I think he scalped me three times before my mom scared him good enough that he stopped. :)

Leslie said...

I sort of cracked up at the picture of the doll. You are lucky! Once when we were little, Tracy and I were playing "barber shop" and she chopped my hair off. I looked like a boy for a long time. I'm really hoping that day never comes in our house! It seems sort of like a rite of passage for little girls. At least she still looks normal and cute to boot!

Mamarazzi said...

Did GM see? I give her 5 days before she does it too...because she wants a cookie, of course!

Why does that kind of crap always happen when we're on the computer...like we need another reminder that we are wasting time instead of playing with the kids?

Mamarazzi said...

oopsie-it's meg...I'm signed in as my sister.

nicwoo said...


April said...

that was a close one!
i, still remember choping off one of my pigtails around 5 or 6 years old!
i probably resembled the doll.
luckily, my mom didn't take any pics!

Karen and Joe said...

PHEW!! maybe she'll be a hair stylist when she grows up, because she didn't do half bad! :)

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